how much money have you spent on yoyos

probably around $400 or so

I’ve spent around $100 on yoyos. I’ve been very lucky.

Wow! You must have had some great deals for all the yo-yo’s you have!



$12 for PowerBrain XP
$15 for Speedmaker
$14 for HWHW
$23 for Legacy
$60 for M1
$90 for Project 2
$100 for SvZB SOON
Probably $85 for Augie BOSS

So if I get the SvZB and BOSS about $430 including shipping.

If I go to Nationals, I WILL get the BOSS.

need money!!! i’m broke want boss hope they don’t go out of stock tomorow.


I can’t tel you hat because trade so much.

If I bought all of my working yo-yos new it would be… 400?

I only payed about 100 or so. I have wasted like 40 bucks on mods… Hubstacked BK FTW!

I only buy yoyos less than $100.

Happy Throwing! =]

Oh, now I remember. $135.

lol!! I wonder why. Considering you were buying since before 98 right? and you get one of everything? at least? lol I kid.

Somewhere around $250, I think.

over 350$

Wow I didn’t realize how new to yoyoing most of you are. I like it!

How do you get that conclusion? We don’t spend much?

Not a bad thing, we mostly have, but just wondering.

Batryn, you went on high adventure? Sweet! What rank are you?

And so on…
maybe like $300-400
maybe less

On just the yoyos 110 accories 50.

Lets see…:
Free (birthdays, garage sales, ect.):
-other cheap plastics


  • Xodus $23
  • Hitman $40+$20 for kk
  • PGM: $ 35
  • C13 (just purchased) $85

$158 (including shipping)