yoyo $$

Just wanted to know how much a real thrower is spending these days. It would be nice to know how much you have spent(about) including all the times you have shipped(lets say $4 per ship) and paid for new/used yoyos. also it would be pretty interesting to know how much all of your yoyos are worth combine(all of the retail prices added up). You dont have to post if you dont want to share but post if you want!! Also could you add what kind of style you play because i know that 1a is probably the most expensive and others are a lot cheaper.

My total money spent is about $180
My total retail is about $250
i usually play 1a


about 2000$ maybe.

Well what I have spent in 2012, about $400. What it is worth, about $500. If you add string making into the equation, then I have spent about $700 but regained a lot of that money back in payment for my string

Yeah, around $2000.

A bunch. I can’t count that high…

About $100. I do 1A and 4A tricks. I need to get a new offstring, so that will be about $30. I don’t really like to spend money, so once I get a good enough one, I stick with it for a while.

got 10 new throws this year

all over $100 plus … one $200 and another $300 so probably around $1500 already this year alone.

but no more spending this year lol i went way over my budget for the year in about 6 months.

Don’t even know how much i spent last year but i have 40 trades on yye and 12 on the other so 52 x $6 (cus i ship priority all the time with tracking) = $312 on shipping.

About $350

Maybe $3k in the last 4 or 5 months.

Maybe about 3k in the past 400 days.

…on Chiefs alone…

Entire collection retail…about $3,500. I think if I ever had to sell my whole collection, I would only get back about half of what I spent. I keep as much of it mint as possible to keep the value up.

About $1700

Not enough but way too much.

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Around the same with me. I keep telling myself that I’ll slow down but realistically I know ill keep spending.

I have it all carefully logged in a database.

That number keeps jumping up. And that number will be known only unto myself unless I choose to share the document.

I will say it’s not going to jump up today as I won’t be buying the Glacier Express from CLYW tonight because I doubt I am getting paid today by my late clients.

Sice I started it has been roughtly:

$3600.00 for One Drop’s
$1875.00 for CLYW’s
$820.00 for General Yo’s
and prob another $2000.00 to $30000.00 on other brands (maybe more i kinda lost count of all the yoyo’s i had)

I only have 9 metals now. 8 One Drop and 1 CLYW.

So about $10,000.00 since August of 2010. Yikes.