How much $MONEY$ do you have invested in Yo Yos?

I’ve got about $800. They come and they go.

I wonder about this because over the years some people have hundreds just in bearings.

1276 ;D

around 400$

I think I have spent around $300 to $400. But I find that it is rather meaningful, seeing how I might have spent them on video games and online currency otherwise.

$120. That’s all.


About $100

Thousands. But I’ve been collecting for almost 18 years, and I have between 700 and 800 yo-yo’s. It never ends, really.

About 10.

Around 250$ I think.

about $200

right at $2000

o boy, i dont wanna know.

probably 200 bucks AT LEAST

About 425.

Probably about $400-$500.

Below $100. The rest of my yoyo’s from back then i’ve gotten for free. (Winning Contests, etc.)

Somewhere between $400 and $500.

I did that just during Christmas, and that was 280.

At least 7-900 in general.

About 100 but it will change soon trying to get my mom to let me buy a knew yoyo(my own money).

Around 1500-2000$. I have to have the next best thing so im constantly spending every cent I have on yoyos(: