How Much Is Your Collection Worth

I want to see which of us has spent the most money on our collections. I have a pretty small collection for how long i have been throwing. :wink:


Priceless. Every collection is as unique as the person who throws them.


Had 20 yoyos at one point. Sold a bunch, traded a bunch. Now I’m currently at 14 ( with 2 more in the mail. I’m probably sitting on $1600 at the moment, but total I’ve probably spent like somewhere in the $2000 range.

Hmm… Well, I have:

MINT Code1(Worlds edition) so about $101 (The extra dollar cause of rarity :wink: )
2 MINT YYJ Classics: $20
Aman Splash 1 of 2 KLR Near Mint: $135ish?(Anyone have an exact amount?)
B grade torrentII Beat but smooth: I’d say its worth about $30
Werrd Hour 3a marks: $45-$50
YYF Genesis beat but super smooth: $60
YYF Super G sorta beat sanded smooth(ish): $55
So all together: (Roughly) $451

Cant wait to feel like crap when Jason Wong posts his (probably) $10,000 worth collection.

P.S Ive been throwing for about 2.5 years so for that time I have a pretty small collection. I usually get 2 throws a year.

Jason Wong’s peaks alone are worth more than most people’s collections.

Stickman also has a ton of expensive yoyos. His Chief case is a thing of beauty.

Probably about $4,000.00 at the moment. I used to have a larger number of yoyos, but I’m focused on play more than anything else.

Please don’t remind me about the money…



Like $20 maybe :smiley:

Well I’m up to 70 CLYW
20 G Squared
20 One Drops
10 C3
And 20 asst. General Yo, YYF, 3Yo3
So money wise, don’t ask. ::slight_smile:


About $325?

6 thousand range probably, though I make it a point not to count as I go.


I make a a trip to the dollar store everytime they get a fresh shipment :slight_smile:

Prob around 3-4000.

It is pretty addicting.

I was around there last year, this year I am cutting down. I would say that I still have close to $1500.

About 7.5K…


Can we see pics?

Last time I actually counted it was over 8k… That was last summer. I would say since then I have added a good 2k so about 10k in all… I have sold many many yoyos back though so in reallity I have not spent as much… (that’s what I like to tell myself) My collection is currently valued at $2,800.00 give or take…

EDIT: I counted.
Dietz $100
code 2 $100
smoothmove $120
Pro: $110
G funk: $55
Yukksta: $65
Shaqlerstar: $35
Pro z: $10
Jk: $30
Gnarwhal: $120
loop 808x 2: $20
Fiesta XX: $20
07 888 halfs: $100
Gettysburg wooden yoyos $10
Assorted cheap yoyos: $10

$925 retail price! But on the condition of the throws id say its still worth $400-$500 or less.

Been throwing bout 8 months now.

Not counting ones I’m trying to sell? About $1200.

Retail… lets see
ProZ 10
Adegle PSG 13
Spintastics Blade 20

so what somewhere around 40 bucks… I think you guya are nutz with some of these… (that is until i start doing the same 8)??? )

but they are all beat up dinged and well LOVED … so … im sure someone would pay shipping to have them… :stuck_out_tongue: