Do you have more budget yoyos or more high end yoyos

For me I have a lot of budget metals and what I got in the mystery box

I have a lot of stuff made in China so the distinction is irrelephant

im more around the seventy dollar range if you count that as budget or highend

The majority of my collection are fixed axle and responsive yoyo’s. So I’ve got more, what most would consider budget yoyos. But I love them ;D

Well that kinda depends on the definition and how current you mean. A significant portion of my collection was “high end” at the time it was purchased. I suppose a lot of people looking at them now would say, “Mehhh.”



I started with all budgets
But I’ve traded up to only high ends now…

I started off budget, just to amass a bunch to say I had a bunch. I realized what I liked, and now I’ve narrowed down so I usually have around 10 highend, give or take a few.


nice topic. I have an even mix of low to high. Many of my high end I have not thrown as yet since I am not the greatest yoyo’er in the world yet.

also some of my high end are simply for my collection. I buy in spurts if I buy a 125 dollar yoyo I end up buying another and a few lower end. We all get busy and cannot zip over to YYE as much as we would like to read and post.

its hard not to buy when I zip over to see what’s up; I always look at the new release pages and find multiple items I must have!!


A Very Merry Christmas to all…

I had a little trouble answering this one, because it depends on what you would consider “budget.” I think I’m pretty even, and have a variety of inexpensive and expensive yo-yos.

But, my guess is that I’m a tad bit more on the budget end of the spectrum. I’m not sure if that’s accurate, but it’s the view I have of what I’ve purchased so far. I could be mistaken though.

I’m a person who likes value, quality with the realization that I got something great at such a sweet price. Getting an expensive yo-yo that plays great is no surprise really. But, it’s an awesome feeling to pay $45 for a TooH.O.T. and it plays so CRAZY good. I’m also a person who loves variety, and I buy doubles of things I really like. So, if I can get a Shutter in so many different varieties, polished, blasted, splashed, limited engraved and more, but not spend a fortune, it’s a big plus. For me, it’s not about the means to buy expensive yo-yos, because I have the means. But, I am a person who just prefers to get more for less.

I tend to give more support to companies offering that great value.

TA: I’d like to see your answer in this format because I know you spend high end all the time. #throwrichtillIdie

So for me it goes something like this:
Currently throws in my collection value at:

“Low budget” $10 - $34: 2
“Low-mid budget” $35 - $54: 4
“Mid budget” $55 - $74: 2
“Mid-high budget” $75 - $99: 0
“High budget” $100 +: 3

I have a lot to buy as y’all can see ;D. I’ll be adding a $100+ monkey finger ceaser soon in that tiger colorway so I guess that kinda puts me about half and half.

Everyone’s definition of budgets are different so feel free to re-define low budget if you like. This is just kinda how I precieve the yoyo world pricing categories. Notice I didn’t use “low end” because I absolutely love my $16 YYM N12 and all my yoyo’s seem to play pretty well expensive or not.

Do I make a distinction with yoyos that I bought on a budget but happen to be really nice? If so, I’ve always operated on a really tight budget, but still maintain a great collection of SPYYs and other high-end metals.

Regardless of that, the yoyos that I honestly enjoy most and use more often than anything else in my collection stem from the under-50 bracket.

Total Artist said:

I agree 100%

I buy a yoyo because I want that particular yoyo, period. I bought a Chico Route 66 because after college I bought a new off the showroom floor 1966 Chevelle Super Sport 396, fire engine red convertible with white tuck and roll and white top…

that summer I drove route 66 with two friends and we had a ball…

so I had to have that Roadstar…

it is in my collection.


wish I still had that ride but I wish I had all the cars I have had… love cars as well as yoyo’s

I’ll update my list of yo-yos tonight, and hammer this out for you tomorrow. You never know, the results might shock me haha. :wink:

Oh, and #throwrich only means that I have a lot of throws. It does not mean that I have a lot of expensive ones. I could have a lot of expensive ones, but I buy value first. ;D

Okay, so MrJackthePoodle has way more pricing categories than I’m willing to count, so I narrowed them down to three.

  1. Budget: $50 or less (for example, the highest being like a Level 6)
  2. Mid-range: Over 50, but under $80 (for example, Shu-Ta, Octave 3, Capless, Cafe Racer)
  3. High End: $80 or more (For example, Super G, a 54 or Burnside and up)

Okay, so I didn’t update my list completely, but of what I’ve updated so far I counted 109 budget throws (includes Imperial and Butterfly too). Mid-range was 38. And, High end was 171.

That puts my numbers more on the high end than what I posted before. I attribute that to the fact that I am basing the price of the throws on what they retailed for, not what I actually paid for them. The first chart was based on my perception of what I was spending. The second chart is based on the retail of the throws. So, I expect this one to be slightly higher. For example, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I was buying high ends for half off, 30% off, and all that. So, it only means that I buy high end throws, more often, but many times at budget prices.

Here’s a new chart of what I counted up. The results are where the red star is. I’m probably actually right in the middle somewhere. 159 signifies half of my throws and slightly to the right means 171 being high end. Some people would not consider $80 high end, so consider that too. If you put $80 in the mid-range it changes things.

The real answer, according to this is, slightly more high ends.

I own 12 yoyos atm, 11 of them are over $100 retail and one is under (Regen), though I only paid over $100 for 2 of them

Well thanks for counting that up. Only thing left to say now is this one goes out to you…

That’s my JAM.  8)

I’m glad you liked it, I figured who wouldn’t wanna wake up with a “hey bro fyi, your big pimpin.”

Where the hell do you keep all those throws?