I've had it with $100+ throws

I’ll admit, I’m fairly new to the yoyo world (1 year experience). I couldn’t hold a candle to the incredible performers at Worlds or any other yoyo competition for that matter. But I’ve been throwing since last October. I’ve practiced tricks and built up my confidence, but mostly, I’ve tried yoyos - lots and lots of yoyos. No matter what the cost, I tried to get my hands on the newest throw that caught my eye. And I’ve come to one (probably unpopular) conclusion: Yoyos today are unjustifiably way too expensive! And this is coming from an adult with a good paying job. I can buy whichever throw I like, but I think I’m done with that.

Two of my favorite throws are the Genesis and the Burnside (both under $100). Mostly because they’re really stable, have great weight distribution, and are nearly the same shape (come and get me for that comment). Then there’s a couple of undersized throws like the Gnarwhal and the Battosai that I just love. But of the 4, only the Gnarwhal is over $100, and sadly, I’m sure that Chris and CLYW will be jacking up the price of the Gnarwhal’s next release. But after a year of trying to find the throw that works for me, I discovered that it doesn’t matter. If I stick to one throw, I get used to its weight and play, and I can do all the same tricks (as mediocre as my skills might be).

So what’s the point of all these $100+ throws? I think you’d sell MORE if they were simply $20-30 less. I started throwing with a Dark Magic II and I still think it’s one of the best throws out there for strong play and it’s not even half as expensive. Obviously this is related to the materials used to construct the throw (plastic vs aluminum), but I’m buying a yoyo, not a piece of artwork. Once it’s spinning, I can’t see the “colorway” anymore. And while I’m doing a trick, I don’t even notice the laser etching, engraving, images, swirlies or whatever other decoration is on its surface. I suppose that makes me appear unappreciative of the hard work that companies put into making their throws, but come on. These toys are slowly moving out of the reach of the true market for them - kids. Over the last year, I’ve spent over 2 grand testing many different yoyos, but I can’t keep up with the costs anymore.

I LOVE TO THROW!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I love the tricks and I love the competitions. But I refuse to spend $100+ on any throw ever again. Maybe I’m not a connoisseur that can sense the difference between a gram of weight here vs. a gram of weight there. But after a year of testing, I’m done. I’ll stick to the four I have and just have fun throwing. But I hope companies out there realize that they’re killing their chances to reach a larger market and increase the popularity of yoyos in general. I think it’s time that the prices were detached from the makers’ egos and set at more reasonable and accessible levels.

Thanks for letting me rant. We now return you to your regular scheduled programming.


In the same way expensive cars are not for everyone, it is clear that expensive yoyos are not for you.

All items in this world have price brackets (and quality to go with it). You can choose to buy the cheap phone, or buy the newest greatest phone. You can choose to use your old CRT TV, or purchase a 50 inch TV. Certain people prioritize certain objects. Some will spend a lot on something they use a lot, and spend less on something that is rarely used.

In this case, I use my yoyo every day. For all the throws I have ever purchased fthat are $100+, I have gotten my moneys worth from each and every one of them, from the years of throwing.

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I think one of the problems is that people are willing to pay the money. Okay, it isn’t really a problem, but a smaller market means that companies need to increase their profits to keep going. Is it necessary, I don’t think so, but yoyo companies, no matter how small, are still companies. And companies want to make money. I think it’s great that yoyo companies can make money doing what they love. Another factor is that alot of companies to small runs, which can raise the price a bunch. I think a great budget yoyo, like the Caferacer (for example), while great is still a tiny bit away from a yoyo like the Dietz. The price diffference between those 2 is 30+ dollars (depending on the colorway). IMO they play maybe 15 dollars apart. In the end, each to their own.

Just my 2 cents.

Just buy what you like and like what you buy. Regardless of income, it really is that simple. I’ve been buying a lot of fixed axle yoyos recently and it’s been a blast. Much cheaper too.

I can see why some yoyos would be overpriced. I think the newer CLYW line is way over the top. The same with some of the newer Anti-Yos. To me, it doesn’t matter what the price is. As long as it plays good I’ll keep it.
But in most cases, the playing yoyos are well over $100. I have two YYR products and I think their price is justified; there is nothing that can play as good as a YYR. It also has to do with construction and material; what’s it made of, how long did it spend on the lathe, and what goodies come with it.

I can agree that there are yoyos that play like they’re well over 100 and yet cost like 60 or 70. And I definitely agree that some yoyos should have there price slashed by 50% or more because they aren’t nearly as well playing as they should be.
I guess it all comes down to what type of yoyo you’re looking for, as performance wise, more mostly is better. But that doesn’t mean everything inexpensive can’t be great.

I have to admit that you make a good point. I was just talking with mgiroux77 the other day about One Drop, who seem to be one of the companies giving people great options under $100. Also, I was looking at my Burnside and Genesis, and agree they are very similar in weight and shape. Not, exactly, but I love them both for a reason…they are indeed similar.

Part of what makes it difficult for us to understand is that we do not know exactly what goes into making a great yo-yo, the cost of materials and labor involved. If we knew, it might shed some light on the prices we see. Also, the stores that sell us the yo-yos have to make money too, and the company has to promote the products.

For me, the biggest problem seems to be our need to have whatever the latest expensive hype may be. There are a ton of yo-yos under $100, or even under $50, but that is not often what we want. We are attracted to the hype, the engraving, the expensive colorways and other things we don’t really need. I suppose the expensive yo-yos are for those who are willing to pay for all the bells and whistles, the hype, the status and everything else that may come along with it. I think there is a ton of variety, and there will be those of us who never pay even $50 for a yo-yo, and those of us who determine that we will never buy a cheap yo-yo, only yo-yos over $100.

Fortunately, there seem to be options for all of us out there, and the expensive ones will sell to those who love them. I have to admit, I am guilty of indulging in the expensive ones, but I have some cheapies too. I have them under $10 and over $400. I buy the whole spectrum. I am a well rounded buyer, and probably always will be. I think it’s up to us to decide where we set the limits. It appears after only one year, you found the right place for you. That’s a start. Oh, and if you like Genesis, Burnside and DMII, you have good taste…keep up the good work.

I justify my use of money on yoyos by telling myself that it is a sport. Just like racecar, I will be much more efficient with a Chief than a DM2.

Oh, unless your name is Jensen Kimmitt. Then just buy a North Star and win worlds.

Or you could not be Jensen and still win worlds with a Northstar.

The OP has a very good point.

I’d have a lot more than my 7 throws now if they weren’t so darn expensive.

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The bottom line comes down to:

If you like it, that’s all that matters. Price is secondary.

Granted, I do like the “good stuff”. But, I can be perfectly content with a DM2, a Classic, A Lyn Fury, or something else much more reasonably priced. At Nationals, while kids were going through my “Case of Wonders”(most over $100), I’m throwing the new Flipside I got, or a Diffusion or something else fairly inexpensive and mostly plastic and having just as much fun.

Anyone who knows my me knows I’m not that good at the yoyo. In fact, I don’t think “good” is an appropriate term that I’ve not worthy of. Yet, I continue to throw, play and enjoy. The amazing performances at Nationals just helps me see where I can go(right, like that’s ever going to happen), or what I might be able to do at some point(again, yeah right…). Definitely inspiring performances for sure. My skills aren’t reflected in my hard work, but that’s OK. I don’t care what YOU guys think, I only care what I think. I know I’m not good. I also don’t care. I’m having fun. At the same time, if I’m doing this, I might as well push to improve myself too. Anything worth doing is worth doing better.

I am NOT worthy of the yoyos I buy. If skill determines price, I’m lucky to have a DM2!

Whatever you’re happy with, that’s all that matters. If you don’t have to have a $100 metal to have a good time, then that’s a perfectly valid observation and assessment for yourself. Don’t let anyone make fun of your skills or your enthusiasm or enjoyment of the yoyo. It’s always the player, not the yoyo anyways.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m already planning about $600 in purchases for new yoyos for next month. There’s some hot new numbers I gotta get my hands onto! I play, I collect, I share, I enjoy, and above all, I have fun.

you know now that i think about it i think i need to take some yoyos off my list because there are perfectly fine under 100 throws

your saying that they should be cheaper, though I believe chris said a while back somewhere that he only gets like $20 in profit per yoyo or something like that.

I said it somewhere before but if you got the papes who cares!!

I wish they would sell yoyos without all the bells and whistles cause honestly I don’t care about color is there any way I can buy just the yoyo and the bearing cause if there is I would be happy to do so.

Maybe try another hobby?

Tennis: http://bit.ly/QJvPYG

Basketball: http://bit.ly/QJvXas

Cycling: http://bit.ly/QJw3Ps

Gaming: http://bit.ly/QJwhpD

Nope. Looks like yoyoing is still cheaper than all of those.

The price of yo-yos is really only frustrating when you feel like you need to keep buying them. You don’t. Find a couple that suit you and take care of them, and they’ll last you a really long time. I’m still throwing 888s from 2007.

And remember that Worlds 2010 was won with a $40 yoyo. :wink:


Wow, these were some amazing responses. I really thought I’d get railed for dumping on yoyo prices on a yoyo forum, but I appreciate everyone’s insight and openness. I even got Steve Brown of all people to give me a little crap about it. That in itself is kind of cool. :wink: Yeah, I tried golf. Talk about cost. Holy crap.

Thank you all for your thoughts. I’m glad I’m not that alone with this concern. Studio 42, you’re right. If you like it, throw it. I agree. We should talk at the next San Jose club meeting. I couldn’t go this weekend because I’m out of town. And Totalartist, thanks for your kind words. I have one of your leather yoyo holders. It’s completely awesome! Now THAT was worth the money. I have my Burnside in it right now.

Thank you again, guys (and gals). Have fun throwing whatever you can get your hands on. :smiley:


I have a $30 racket. My bike cost me $100. I’ve spent $120 on my games this year. The point that I’m trying to make is that you can make any hobby as expensive as you want it to.

Right now I’m selling my yoyos so that I can move some moolah in the gaming department. I’ll still have just as much fun with two yoyos as I did with 12.

You havent used any Turning Point or yoyorecreation have you. High price? Certainly. Amazing play? Certainly. Those 2 companies > all

I was gonna do a research paper written by Studio42 but everyone else already made their point and I share their opinions.

I haven’t had it with $100+ throws yet because I still want to get one or two. :wink:

After buying and breaking a New Velocity, I had to wait for over a week before my Dark Magic II arrived. As soon as it arrived, I thought “I’m going to hate life if I have another week+ gap while I’m still in the throes of addiction!” so I found some cheap plastics on the BST. Lyn Fury, Stackless PGM, Chaser are now in the mix. At the same time, bought a used Kyo DNS, which I am loving to pieces.

I think the DNS was sold in the area of $100, or $40-60 for B-grades. Used, even less!

So yeah, I will at some point in time identify a “boutique” yoyo, ask for it for Christmas, and be the owner of a $100+ throw.

But I’m still going to bust out (and love) that Chaser, along with the others I mentioned. Took a few days to warm up to it, but what a fun plastic throw.