I've had it with $100+ throws

I think the general issue with this outlook is the assumption that you’re not buying “a piece of artwork” with ultra high end yoyos. I would argue that’s exactly what you’re doing.

That enthusiasm people feel over certain brands and models has very little to do with play. Most people on this forum can’t even afford the yoyos they lust after, nor have they ever thrown them.

They want them because there’s all sorts of intangible meaning attached to the exclusivity offered by unique and rare designs. CLYW is, imo, the undisputing king of exploiting this phenomenon and good on them for finding a niche in the market. CLYW doesn’t sell yoyos. They sell emotion through yoyos, and they’re incredibly adept at it.

I believe the most Ive payed for a yoyo was $50 and I barely use it. Its a Duncan FHZ Mexican Edition modded with the wooden crate and all. I do have a few $100 yoyos in my collection. An OD Dang I won for making the YYBB slogan, An OD 54 I was given by TheRyanFace(former physics teacher and taught me how to yoyo), an 888x, and Ive had an OD Code1(still regret selling it), and in the future more. The only one that was mint was the Dang. I dont mind ano scuffs at all, or dings as long as its smooth for grinds. I really want a Cheif, but Ill have to trade for it. I know a guy who has I believe 10 Cheifs or something like that. I really like it, but cant justify 2 weeks of pay for a yoyo. I wont mind buying a Token. It will be my first metal I buy from a store I think. I doubt I’ll pay $100 or more for a yoyo anytime this year. I think the only yoyo that I wouldnt mind dropping $100+ on would be a special edition Cascade. I just love OD!

But bottom line. Ive played expensive yoyos, including YYRs and CLYWs, ODs and Vs. Newtons, along with $8 YYJs. I love em all, some more than others. I think for me the price cant be justified, as I have a limited budget and other priorities(a girl). Further down the line, I might become the next Studio42 and slowly buy every yoyo known to man

For a “one man” operation, that’s pretty good. I bet his wallet look a bible.

I’m kinda slowing down. I’ve found what I like and have been narrowing down things quite a bit. CLYW’s and One Drops are high on my wants list. Still, I like to have some of the latest models.

I couldn’t go to San Jose either. Too much driving. Sacramento to Chico and back, then Sacramento San Jose and back.

Yeah, next time I can make it, you bet! Should be fun! You gotta try my TI-5!

I have had it with $100 throws also.

Now all I buy is Japanese throws that all cost $180 and up. Doh!


No worries…I’m always happy to give someone grief. :wink:

I do see your point, and it is a bummer to see that the things you want are consistently priced out of your comfortable spending range. Just don’t develop a taste for guitars or Japanese denim or you’ll be screwed like me. Ha ha ha!

Someone above made the point that “every hobby is as expensive as you make it” and I think by and large, that’s very, very true and a great way of putting it.

It’s worth noting that when Jason Lee first showed up and started winning contests, he couldn’t afford any ball-bearing yo-yos. So he was using Playmaxx ProYo GTs with bearing assemblies made of Pringles can lids. No joke.

All things considered…you’re in much better shape, equipment-wise, but I think it’s worth arguing that none of us have caught up to Jason Lee in terms of play. Take from that what you will. :wink:

What the what?!

I’m with you, Steve.

Especially consider this: $100+ gets you the BEST, top-of-the-line equipment for the hobby. You can’t say that about any other hobby I can think of. You can’t get the latest gaming console, the best fishing pole or tennis racket, the best skateboard gear, the best cooking setup, the best book collection or the best ATV for $100 or less. In fact, for many hobbies, you can’t even get your foot in the door for $100–let alone $20.

Get real people. If $100 is a lot to you, then don’t spend it. I’m not rich, but a $100 is disposable easily, especially when it makes me as happy as a good yoyo can.

And don’t think that yoyo co’s are making some absurd profit by charging over $100 per yoyo. Machining costs are super expensive for yoyos because they have to be made to such high tolerances to play smooth. Then add in the fact that retailers also have to make their money, and that doesn’t leave a lot of leeway for the makers to profit. And why should they make yoyos if not to profit from it? It takes time, dedication, effort, know-how and start-up capital. You aren’t doing them a favor by buying their yoyos, they’re doing you a favor by making them available.

you’ve had it with over 100 dollar yo-yos?

god thing you’re not a musician like me. I’ve had it with $10000+ double basses.

i’m gonna have to say… get over it.

Not to be off topic, but the original post is a good example of what starting a thread topic should look like, in my opinion. It was well thought out, thought provoking, and well written. Even the title was one that you did not have to read his post to figure out the true topic of the thread. Good job on that. He made it very clear why he felt the way he did, and we did not have to make presumptions about how he reached his conclusion. Well done thread topic. Refreshing to read. :slight_smile:

If I can add my $.02 I think that yoyos are too cheap for our own good/human nature. We want to have the best of the best and keep looking for that new yoyo that is better/cooler/shinier/smoother/uglier splashed, etc… Someone mentioned other sports and to comment on that:

Bicycling: A “top of the line” bike can cost thousands of dollars. It just depends on how much you are willing to spend.

Golf:same with purchasing a nice set of clubs.

Music: As Steve mentioned, higher end guitars such as Les Pauls(Gibson) are NOT CHEAP http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-Custom-Alex-Lifeson-Les-Paul-Axcess-Electric-Guitar-106521313-i1797778.gc

All I’m trying to say is that the “top-o-the-line” products with most other hobbies are more expensive than yoyos causing the “Average Joe” to only buy one really nice bike, set of clubs, instrument, gaming console or pc, etc… Yoyos are cheap in comparison allowing our greed to keep wanting a new yoyo every month, week, day(depending on the person) The cost of yoyos makes this seem more obtainable. Let’s be thankful that the sport/hobby/art form/ whatever that yoyoing is allows us the variety of products, low cost, and not to mention, the innovation in design that it does.



I agree with the above. The fact that yo-yos, even at $100+ allow some of us to afford a new one each week or biweekly with a paycheck, and the fact they are small and take up little space, allow us to accumulate way more than we need. Guitars or bicycles or other hobbies are more expensive and take up more space to collect. Also, there is something about a shiny $100+ yo-yo that makes you feel good. Dangerous haha.

One thing I’ve noticed is that many people are judged by what they are throwing. More money spent therefore = must be a better player.

In that case, I must be one of the best players in the world, carrying around my TI-5 and Anglam.

NOT! I’m horrible. I just like these high-end (and expensive) models. I appreciate the engineering, the construction, the design and of course how they play.

Kicking back to what Steve Brown said, and actually, more important, Steve Brown in general, has anyone played the new Roll Model? He and YYF have designed a wonderful and very cost-effective yoyo that plays really great. Again, more proof that “amazing” doesn’t have to go over $100, and I think this sells for like $76 or something like that.

RecRev makes fantastic stuff, and I don’t think they really sell anything for more than $75.

The odd trend since maybe November of last year was kick-started by the Adegle PSG and Asteroid, kicking serious butt and taking names, reminding us great performance can be had for under $20. Of course, people buying such throws at the YYJ Kickside, Speeed Maker, Lyn Fury and even the YYF ONE, WHIP, Stackless Grind Machine and Starbrite would easily agree and already know this. Now YYJ comes out with the Classic and well, wow, $10 power-house of a throw, but it does need a touch of work to go unresponsive with mods anyone can do(change bearing, change response if desired). YYJ also offers the Legacy II and Chaser as great mdoels under $30. Of course, we can’t ignore YYF either, with the DieNasty, and Grind Machine. Let’s also do not forget the $35 Protostar and Northstar, and recall that in 2010, Worlds was won on a Northstar.

I’d like to also say that at BAC and Calstates, I saw many people competing on the stage with affordable plastics and doing great AND making Finals. Yes, stuff under $40 is in fact competition grade gear, perfectly capable of enabling a great player get to where they need to be.

Plastic can be fantastic. Cheap, affordable, durable and loads of fun. Companies are coming out with more reasonably priced metals, dropping prices and keeping performance.

Yes, I like the expensive stuff. I still buy the cheap stuff too. At Nationals, I was budget limited due to all sorts of things(life happens, so did a $700 car repair that won’t be done until tomorrow). My top purchase was a RecRev Freq for $60(show specia). Wave. What else? Duncan Raptor with 2012 Nationals caps for $40. Got a $20 Flipside for myself and my son, which turned out to be my go-to throw for the day, replacing my planned throw being my YYR Diffusion. My most recent YYE order included a Token and the new Ann Connolly Whip.

For some people there’s some “snobbery” and “elitism”, and some people simply can’t be satisfied with anything that’s not $100+. Granted, some people are more serious or maybe competitive(in the circuit) and actually DO need those yoyos. Not me though. I’ll gladly play anything at any price range, provided I like it. I won’t deny my favorites though either, which happen to at the moment be an Anglam and a Code 2 with disc side effects. But, when I’m out at my kid’s school, I’m playing affordable plastics and having just as much fun as I would with something way more expensive. One thing I like about Josh Yee was that he was consistently proving that you can do amazing things with very affordable yoyos. At BAC 2012, he did 5A with a PSG. I think he did 3A with a pair of PSG’s, and I think he did 4A with a Shinwoo Griffin Wing, and 2A with a pair of Raider EX’s. This was prior to him being sponsored by Madhouse.

It’s about “yoyo”, not “the yoyo”. It’s about the people, the players and the enjoyment. Price shouldn’t be a distractor. We do need prices for the purposes of commerce, not for “classification”.

Now, if you don’t mind, I think I’m gonna wear out the strings on my new pair of Loop 808’s and probably go test out this Speeder(not 2) and a 2012 DM2, and then probably play a Classic until the string breaks! Gotta get my kwijibo clean!

I might actually just make my collection be 4-5 yoyos

Times are tough for me right now, and income isn’t exactly stable at the moment so I can’t make purchases like I did this past year (MikeEff knows. I bought 2 of those Chiefs off him!). Anyway, I’m just glad you still throw and visit the forums, buddy!

Anyways, yeah. I definitely see where Mike’s coming from. Even if I did have a stable source of income, I’d slow down on buying yoyos – or stop completely. I find that these days I kind of just want to try different throws off the BST. And if I do get one, I’d like it to be worn already and some solid color (I kind of agree with MikeEff’s comments about different colorways). What I’d really like right now is a cheap Albatross.

Anyway, to the original discussion, it’s hard to think about. You have to think of it from the point of view of everyone in the yoyo industry. The more people buy, the more money the companies make, the better it is for business and growth. It’s hard to blame the yoyo companies either for pricing because they’re just trying to make as much money as they can. So if people buying them at high prices, they’ll keep pushing the envelope to see how far they can go. Why not? Maybe it’s our fault for buying them. But then again, that’s our right as a consumer. It’s rough

Supply and demand. How does it work? :wink:

Grrr. Why can’t you guys just agree with me and tell me I’m super smart? Why do you have to keep offering compelling arguments that make complete sense? In a way by posting this in first place, I was trying to KEEP myself from buying more and more expensive yoyos. For a while, it was almost compulsive. And I have over 40 feedback from BSTs in just one year. So, I either really love throwing (and I do), or I have a serious problem (and I do).

I’m still probably through buying for now, though. My goal is to get better, not collect. I landed Spirit Bomb last week - twice. Once on two different kinds of yoyos (Bat and Gnar). My goals have changed I think. I’d like to become more skilled at this now. Thanks again guys, for your comments. And Pajama Man, I’m over it. :wink:

I think you should do this:

Open up your case and pic your top yoyos the ones you play the most… Do you have doubles?? If so pick one of each and sell off the rest. This may bring you down to a more reasonable number. The next thing you could do is pick maybe one or two main companies. Say One Drop and CLYW for example. Sell off the rest. Now your only yoyos are One Drop’s and CLYW’s. Worked for me :slight_smile:

Part of the problem is that the community has been more focussed on the yoyos and not the tricks… We are all guilt of showing off our collections and lusting after the next best thing. What we do not always do is just play our yoyos and learn tricks. For some people just collecting and playing from time to time is great for them. For others they just wanna throw… A friend of mine who is one heck of a thrower still uses YYJ hybrid throws and does sick sick stuff with them… When I ask him Y he has no metals by the gid boys he says that they do not make him any better they are just more expensive… So I guess it is what we make it. For me it was hard to sell off most of my collection but it made me enjoy each yoyo I kept more and more. When you open up a case of 20 plus metal throws you sit there and say what will I play??? It can take a while. Now I open up to a case of 12 and know exactly what I want to play!!! Again no doubles and very few brands. This may now work for everyone but it has for me. I find myself playing more and learning more…

Try being on the tech side. I’ve invested over $2Million in gear, ranging from amps, speakers, cables, mains, monitors, cameras, switchers, recording gear, transfer gear and more.

My console cost me over $60K. Of course it included 2 power supplies in a rack, a road case and a stand.

Yoyo hasn’t come anywhere close to those numbers! I regularly drop over $150 on a single mic(often 3-5 times that much)

Depends where you want to spend your money and what you’re into.

I love eny new pricey yoyo!!!