Valuable Throws

Just out of conversations sake. What do you think is the most valuable yoyo you own or have owned?

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When I was in 6th grade my pawpaw, climbed through his attic in Houston one summer while my dad and I were visiting. He brought down 2 old plastic yoyos that looked like a coiled up snake, and one was a storm trooper, he said he got both in 1979. When I was in 8th a man bought both from me for $30 each when we had a yard sale.


Since none of my yoyos are collectible or unique, I can only assess “most valuable” in terms of purchase price. That honor goes to my Draupnir.

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Draupnir is $250, correct?

Yeah, that’s correct.

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Four of my yo-yos were gifts, so those have sentimental value that is special to me.

As far as valuable? It’s hard to say lol. I don’t think I own anything that was over $100

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Now.that I’m an adult, and think back. I bet that guy wanted those plastic classics because they were worth a bit more? Havent found them or anything like em since.

Sooner or later I’ll climb to a $100 throw.

I think you win, lol.

Crap, I own them all from my era. And they rock the #=&= out of whatever you own. But that’s just me. Just did a trade with Vega for an Underdog. I’m SO stoked.

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I am easily beat by anyone who owns a Luftverk.

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Looking that up now

They specialize in titanium.

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My IceWoof was $80, currently my most expensive and favorite throw. However, I’d love to get a kuntosh and Banshee eventually.




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Ther is a magnesium bimetal yoyo for $700!


My night moves 1 painted by xminusmikex. It is irreplaceable.

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Im guessing 1 of 1?

Ti Walker; custom anodized by Jason Wong ($?).
YYR Seventh Heaven ($700).

Most expensive yoyo I’ve owned was a Masamune, I believe they were $210 or $220. Most I’ve ever actually spent was $120 though. BST too gud.

Most valuable to me though is my Markmont Next. It was the first high end yoyo I ever received and it was gifted to me by a stranger on YYE who was going through tough times himself. If I had never received that yoyo I probably would’ve quit yoyoing after a few months.

I don’t throw it much anymore because it’s so bad in comparison to everything I have now but it was miles away from the YYF One and Yomega I had been using prior. If I could only keep one yoyo it’d be that one despite its now outdated design.


I just went and watch the promo video for that, his style tho! What are heartwarming story too btw