What yoyo cost you the most?


IYYC Breathe Yoyo did me.

That’s say the most expensive yoyo IMO!


YoyoRecreation Dazzler. I almost bought the breathe, but passed last minute.


Bought a BSP new. Was so disappointed with it that I decided never to spend anywhere near that much on a throw again.


Hey you,

Yeah, I wanted to buy it a few months back, but I forgot and bought something else. lol.

Never heard of it, I guess that’s something I should look into.


Strum panzer stealth ogre. 183 buckaroonies

That breathe looks cool though. How you liking it?


I’ll do my top 4 because they’re all pretty close.

  1. Sovereign - $200
  2. Ti Walker - $200
  3. Sovereign - $210
  4. Ti Walker - $232


Draupnir - $225
Isotope 2 - $255

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #8

First grade, Miss Marcy stepped out of the room. I took my red imperial out of my pocket and started entertaining the class. I heard her voice outside the door and in my rush to put the yo in my pocket, I spilled the cup of coffee on her desk and knocked a porcelain figurine crashing to the floor.

Red imperial cost me more than any yo I’ve ever owned.

(Erik Kerber ) #9

^Wow. That doesn’t sound very fun.

The yoyo that has cost me the most so far is. The Wooly Marmot 2 at $160 including tax. but it was worth it I love that thing.


A grey chief, only $135. I almost bought an Anglam, but decided to get a Code 1 and 2.


YYR Dazzler.


Lunarwind, $100.



I paid $130 for an Irony SG. I can’t wait to get it!

(Ellie) #14

i think i paid well over $400 for a 1st run sovereign years ago

vegabomb takes every chance to rip you off yknow?

btw love your username, God


summit $99

(major_seventh) #16

If I were you I would’ve paid 1$ extra just to say I spent 100$ on a yoyo to a noob ;D


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Yeah wooly marmot 2 is easily the best yoyo ever though

Dont even deny it

(Owen) #20

Or you could teach that noob a lesson by buying yoyos used on the BST so therefor saving money. You wanna teach them the right lessons.