Whats the least and most you've paid for a yoyo?

My least expensive (not counting gifts) yoyo that I bought on purpose was about $15 for a YYF ONEstar. The most ive paid was right at $360 for CLYWxLuftverk AMS Tundra

What about you? What does your spread span? Where do you draw the line? What is simply “too expensive” for you to buy?

Just curious since everyone has a different idea of what “expensive” actually is.

$3 - Butterfly

$300 - Tundra

Don’t think I’d ever spend “Tundra” money again. $150 or so is where I’d tap out at, even then I’ve got so many now that I’m not even looking really. Some in the $90 range these days I think is too much for what they are.

We’ve reached this point now with most companies having production in China that $90-100 is getting to be the upper limits. Not that it’s too expensive for me, it’s just not worth it too me.


My least expensive is YYF velocity… (20$) The most I paid was YYF 888 and one drop rebirth… (88$)

$12 for magicyoyo n12 and $85 for the one drop terrarian, don’t really like to spend more than $50 for a yoyo since adding a higher value to the item will make me more reluctant to use it adding the risk of damaging it. $50 is the most I am willing to pay now since it doesn’t hurt my wallet as much and don’t have to be too concerned about damaging it because I can simply purchase another without having it cost an arm and a leg.

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I paid $7 ea. for a couple of TK no-jives on close out. I bought an SPYY addict for $80. Most of my collection is under $40.

For an actual yoyo? $7 for the Elfin Yo. Most expensive was $200 for a 2sickyoyos prototype titanium.

Very much the case with myself as well.

Got a yoyo zeekio prism for 1.50 on eBay then most was probably 120 yyf exmachina

3,9$ including shipping for Yo-Soul (copy of Supernova) buy in important asian web shop

200$ including shipping from France for VsNYYC TI-Walker #75 in near mint condition with box

I never spend more than $ 300 for a yoyo

least ~$9 for a YYF One
most ~$200 for a YYF Titanium Dream (on the indigogo campaign).

like many others, I’m not sure I will part with ‘Dream’ money again, there are so many options in the $125 and below category. That said, I did manage to find a B-grade Hideyoshi for $99, and, I consider that to be the best deal I’ve gotten (it is B-grade for vibe, that said, it has less vibe than I can notice).

Least: $9.99 for a FAST 201
Most: $120 for a CODE 2 YYE splash

I might get something more expensive in the future. Hoping that I can get a job so I can save up enough to get a Luftverk.

Least: Dollar Tree yoyo
Most: $130 for a Sengoku Bi-metal Proto(getting it today ;D )

Let us know how that proto plays!

Least was $16 for a Replay Pro. Most was $525 for a Fulvia BTM-R. Both are now gone from my collection.

My cheapest was $2 for a used Butterfly and the most expensive was $55 for my EH.

$1 for a yoyo at a dollar store. Cheap chinese steel with a bearing in it, painted black and silver to look like a tire. Play was meh…Still haven’t spent $100+ on a single throw yet, but have at least spent 700+ all together.

So far around $6 for a replay pro (in a bunch of plastics for some kids at my church) and most would be $100 for a Masamini Prototype.

It’s more angular than I expected it to be from the pictures, which makes it look better imo. As a result there’s not much contact during fingergrinds so I could actually get over 10 seconds on finger grinds, best out of any yoyo I’ve ever played. The shape also makes it a BEAST at horizontal, one of if not the best yoyo for it. Downside is it’s not the most comfortable yoyo in the hand or on a bad catch but I think the sleek look more than makes up for it :slight_smile:

Outside of that it’s very fast, stable, and powerful like the Masamune with a more interesting feel on the string. I really wish I could compare the feel to the Irony JP but I haven’t had one in over 2 years so my memory’s kind of hazy.

12 bucks for that first FHZ.
3 bills for my Magnum.
Unlike Aaron I will spend magnum money again if it was worth it to me but I haven’t seen that deal ywet.

Most was on the Salti (preorder, came with mixtape yoyo) at $250. It took some convincing of myself to pull the trigger.

Least I’ve spent was $2.99

Average I’ve spent has been in the middle at $100-150 range but that’s come to a halt as of the past few months thanks to that lovely unemployment. Fingers crossed that I land this “dream job” that I had my interview for the other day :)…then I can not feel so bad if I decide to pick up a throw that sparks my interest.