$$$ cha ching $$$

Whats the most you have spent yoyo’s and yoyo stuff and what has your collection cost.

I just spent 160 on a new yoyo some strings a bearing and some spacers and the total cost of my collection would be close to $400 now, damn freaking exspensive hobby.

Ive paid $275 for one yoyo before. $350 for one… Thats the most though. :slight_smile:



@ Cali were they Peaks/Anti-yos?

Peak for one and a Metal Hitman for the other.

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I got a MVP and NVx for Christmas in one order, so whatever that is.

Oh, and Calibuddha, you have a metal hitman? How is it

I used to have one. Sold it some time ago. It was nice. Smooth yoyo. Its awesome knowing you own a yoyo that there are only 6 of in the world and that you will NEVER find any of the other owners that will give theirs up. I can say Ive been there, done that.

Not that expensive. I believe basketball shoes are around $100 and you have to replace them. Soccer shoes, shin guards. Baseball uniform, glove, bats. Hockey clothes, stick, helmet.etc. If you want cheaper, you can always go to… actually, I can’t think of a cheap, legit hobby.

My collection is worth about 240 bucks now (If I did the math rite)

I have a kickside, A New Breed, A Atmosphere, a PGM and I just ordered a Limited edition Black body with Teal splash/ Teal body with black splash Hectic last night.

Plus the string that I bought, And I didn’t even count my yoyo bag and other cheap throws (2 Imperials, 3 Butterflies, 5 Mosquitoes, a Free Hand, A Red and Blue Fly Back, a Avon yo-yo 'that’s rite, Avon as in the makeup company, a Hasbro Top-A-Go-Go, a hand made yo that my grand pa got when he was a kid and worm wood yo that my other grand pa got when he was little)

Those last 5 don’t really matter though, But I still think they’re pretty cool :slight_smile:

I have New Breed, Severe, Bassalope…
Plus my bunch of Auldeys and some aodas…
About $300…
Yoyoing is not that expensive…
If you compare yoyoing to bicycle, yoyoing is way much cheaper…
Well, it’s different… ;D

Just looked at my collection and all together its come up to about 600$, IM SO CRAZY , {of to the bst}

my collection is worth around 1200 Euros, that is even more in dollars. But this is the in store price.

$250 for me. ;D

Ya, yoyoing really isn’t an expensive hobby. Think about people who spend at least $500 on guitars. Not to mention amps, cords, mixers, microphones, drums, strings, music, etc.

I think i’ve spent about $1000 but it was worth every penny i spent.

i spent a total $439.35 on yoyos



wow my collection is worth about $1,100 but thats retail

I`ve paid 125 dollars and so far I have 20 yoyos and all of them cost together at least 700 to 800 dollars