What is the priciest yoyo u own or want but can’t get cause its to much?

Anything Titanium.

My General Yo Majesty.

Should be here within two days. Most I’ve ever spent on a yoyo.

Most expensive one I own is the Anglam.


That about sums it up for me. But the most expensive on that I actually own is the werrd hour.

Most expensive I own - Ti Walker. Cost me $233.50

most expensive i own is the yoyofactory skyline ($120)
most expensive id not be able to buy is any Ti

Cheif. Most expensive that I own is a dv888.

I own: 888.11
Most expensive that I want:arctic circle
What I want most: CODE1

That would probably be my Anti-Yo Fluchs, Bapezilla or SPYY radian MkII. I believe those are the only high end yoyos I bought new.

For me it would be a owning a code 2.

CLYW Avalanche

Oxy Ti and Moonwalker cost me the most.

Price hasn’t ever been an issue yet…although I’d probably not pay what an early mint Peak goes for. Not so much because of the price, but because I don’t personally see that kind of value in the actual yoyo at all.

Mine is my 09 g5


The Avant Garde I got in my mystery box is the most expensive “list price” yoyo I own. Below that is my C3 Capless at $60 ($65?).

Wants? Like everyone… there’s a titanium or two that I’d go for. But since they’re “so” expensive I don’t really desire them as much as ones truly within my reach, you know? Right now I’m gunning for a few different SPYY, CLYW, and One Drop throws. All anywhere from $80-$140, so nothing outrageously nutty.

My Hulk Smash Peak!
Cost me $200…

ti5 $345


No wait.


Yup. That’s it. The TI-5

Got them both.

I desperately want an anglam, I love Micky throws, but it’s sadly something I just can’t afford.