If money was no object, what yo yo would you try next?


What yo yo caught your eye so bad, you briefly considered remortgaging just for a chance to try it?

In a perfect world, what yo yo would you throw right now just to be able to try it?


Right now, there’s a few. For the most part, CLYW’s, One Drops.

But if I really wanted to go nuts…

YYR has a few I’d like to try/buy:
Sleipnir, Clash, Dreadnought

What i have my eyes on at the “high price” range is the Chief, Canvas and Burnside. I wouldn’t mind getting another Phenom, except in blue…


I wouldn’t mind trying a Phenom but Suzuki just seems like such a… hm… So f… checks the rules board right quick

I don’t like the cut of his jib.


I deal with a lot like him. Doesn’t bother me. I work doing sound. We have a few sayings. But this is a family friendly forum.

Regardless of HOW he is(I haven’t met him, won’t pass judgement), his signature yoyos and me get along quite nicely. So much so that I might consider putting my DM2 down and I think most people know how I feel about my DM2!


A code 2.


OD Sovereign ;D With the right amount of money I could buy one off of someone. ;D


can i get a link to a sovereign? never seen one.


Now you have!

(Edmeister) #9

To be honest . Notthing really.
Maybe a few YYR’s
I own most of the CLYW’s that are hyped , Chief , Canvas , Etc.


Maybe a messiah, because they’re too expensive for me to buy normally.


B!St stradivari

wasn’t it going for something like $1500 or so?

$200 is affordable to whoever has a regular income (job), pricey but affordable

(YoYo_Freak) #12



OG Peak


catch 22, jsut to say i have one lol


Probably either a tiwalker or some YYR. Maybe a messiah, sleipner, or gleipner. The dreadnought is way too heavy and the rest are way to big.


foxlandprecision honey bager,and werrd irony


I agree. $200 isn’t an unreasonable amount of one looks at it as a “one time investment” in something that someone does and plans to use a lot. It’s more than I’m willing to spend on a single yoyo right now for myself. For me, money like that is better spent elsewhere at the moment.

(Big Mike) #18

I’d love to have a pink TAKE THAT Sleipnir, but I can’t ever see myself shelling out for one.


3 words=duncan freehand mg


That one yoyo they used a crane to drop.