Yoyo you wish you had

Below reply on what yoyo you wish you had. You don’t have to own it but you have to tell us why you would want it👍

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Probably the card, or wheel by S.Kon

I wish I had a grail :blush::smiley:

I always wanted a hulk smash summit. I missed out years ago:(

Peak 2 beach party or g2 banshee


A high end yoyo, but free😁

I would say ti walker. I have heard so many great things about this difficult to obtain yoyo. Honestly just getting to borrow one for a week or throw it for a few minutes would probably be enough for me.

The End.
I had an eetsit that was ended by ferralparrot but it wasn’t an “end”, it was one of the best playing yoyos I’ve had.

C3 yoyodesign BTH.

impossible to find one. I want it so i can destroy every sleeper contest i come across

Luftverk Fulvia BTM-R

Standard, tako, bi-ham, a Ti

I’m thinking about for a while '… over time I believe I was able to get everything that I incurisiva.

if you think about it, long time ago there was a yoyo that intrigued me a lot and I never managed to see … a bi-metal when nobody or nearly produced it … The
Hicoo Inca! (see also confornto between the original version of 2007 and the new edition of 2009)

there is still time for You… to be released the AMS version…

AMS Fulvia? my knees are quivering. . .

As of right now I want a shutter😂

I’m lusting pretty hard over the Death Robot Mg.

No-jive and SB-II

Too bad I don’t plan on spending $600 on a yoyo anytime soon :smiley:

I know it’s a fair price for what it is, it’s just too much for me :-\