Yoyo you've always wanted.

The yoyo I ever wanted was the phenomizm, drop bear, and chief by cylw.

I would say an OG Peak. Not for play, but display. Next is a Buddah King. It’s a bit of a gimmick, but I think I may buy one.

all of them…

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I’m kinda going to second Icthus. Pretty much anything, almost all of them!

Nothing is for display. There’s no sense in having it if I am not going to play it or share it.

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My OCD would drown me in Rico’s Nacho Sauce (WORST NACHO CHEESE EVER) if I got a ding on an OG Peak. I also have a back up Peak to use though…

I’ve always wanted to play with a Dark Magic 2.

OG 28s BvM, 54, and a torrent.

H5, Berserker, any and all TIs and MGs (lol), and a Noctu.

I agree with YoYo_Freak on the MGs. I would love to have the original silver/grey colored MG with silicone grooves and an updated bearing seat. I would play the crap out of that yoyo! O and I would love to have every single version of the Freehand 1 :smiley:


Lol. Wow. I seen this post in the forum and immediately was going to answer “all of them, if I’m not playin them I’m displaying them!”. Then I read throw the thread and icthus and 42 beat me to it. Oh well. Same answer anyway!

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If I could have a SPYY Pro in the Chesterman Beach Colorway I would be set for a good long while.

Berserker and Positron.


B!st Tondo, polygonal perfection

Code 2, anything Spyy and Monkeyfinger

Personal yoyos I have always wanted and or do not own and want back:

-Yes Absolutely The End. I have two, but one is broke and re-made but it broke again.

-Eesit and or Bapezilla. I had a bunch in my time but would love to re-own one again.

-Dri-Ywet. That thing is PURE Swag.

-Gold plated Spyy Jon-Rob’s Sig. Another “swag” yoyo

-Jason Lee special edition Supernova. The only Supernova I will ever want unless there is a regular black edition out there or bape.

-The OG Peak. At one point I owned

-The OG Onedrop Porject. I’ve had it before, infact I think I had two of them but now that I am on Onedrop, I think it is necessary that I own one now.

-The CLYW/Onedrop Wooly Markmont. I’ve heard SO much great view of this throw being amazing. I think its necessary for it to be made.

-CLYW Cheif. They are just too much and too expected and everyone gets them before I do. I want one :frowning:

-YYF Avant Garde 2. Oh man, that thing literally looks futuristic its insane.

-Duncan Freebird 2- So really hyped. New updated response system and flair to the rims? I’m sold.

-Duncan Condor. Come on, its Drewtetz signature. Everyone will need one of these!

-Turning Point RT. Ever since I got to try Pat Cuarteros when I went to visit him in New York, I have so wanted one. He let me try it out when we were in a shady chinese restraunt!

arctic circle

YYR Jealousy
I would die for one

But, but, but if you die, how will you play your yoyo?

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I’d take it to hell!