what your one "must have it now or i will die" yoyo?


mine is the onedrop dietz. tried it once at nationals. loved it ALOT! in fact i could consider it one of my overall favorite yoyos! you guys?

(SR) #2

I have a few…

Code 2




I will not die for a yoyo… just sayin.

That being said, I’ve used quite a lot of the yoyos out there. There’s nothing I need at the moment. If I wanted it, chances are I have it right now.

Then again, when you’re collection looks like this, there’s not much else you want.

Yes, these are all mine.

Dietz is pretty good. Got one right now.

(SR) #5

i can haz? :stuck_out_tongue:


What I got my eye on getting is an Monkey Finger Designs Evil Yo. Hit me up, I’ll be buying in 12 days or less. Paypal as a gift is how I pay. Serious!


It was the Trinity, but I have one now. I guess there’s no yoyo I REALLY want at the moment.


I won’t die for yoyos. That’s just silly.
But there are a few yoyos that really want.

2A pairs: Modded Raiders/Fireballs, [more] Loop900, Loop1080. I wants multiple pairs.

As for 1A: I still want a PHENOM [Mickey signature model edition].
I also want the sOMEThING FIRMY and The V :]

Hit the brother up for deals.


Dark magic 2 for me


I’d really like to try a Barracuda and Orion. And I’m definitely buying a Cliff.


Must have now and already own is Chief. Wanty want is CLYW, specifically now is Campfire, Puffin and Cliff. :slight_smile:

Have Campfire MIB? Want to sell? Hit me up…


It was the yeah3, I watched the 1 red/blue yeah3 for atleast over a month and i was finally able to snatch it a few weeks ago. Now I want to try an h5 chief. They look fun


I love the clyw team


What?? >.<

(Trevor Boice) #15



They’re amazing, you won’t regret getting one!

Nothing really I’m DIEING to have, but would like another Code2, another Addiction, A glacier Express, another AC, a Puffin, a Cliff, H5xChief, and some other stuff. The newer YYF looks nice, will defenitly be picking some of those up!

(Owen) #17

The barracuda.

I ha a dream about it, and in the dream it was just a full sized slightly tweaked Dietz design


hmm reminds me of a dream i had about having a phenom… but it was h-shaped. i really want an avalanche, an h5, a drop bear, a wet whistle (or a revenger), a sentinel, and a cascade.


equilateral and nickel cascade, the first will be mine soon, i just need about 40 more dollars…


I want a Viszilla. Or a Bape.2