What is the yoyo you've always wanted?


What yoyo have you always wanted? Have you ever gotten it, or still looking? Post here!

(velez_adrian) #2

All the blood brother yoyos



(velez_adrian) #4

I have one, there pretty good if you like light but big yoyos with a weird shape.

(2Sick Joey) #5

My Holy Grail for a while was the 1 of 4 speckle Wrath. Thanks to Mo Chavez it has found its way to my collection a little while back.

One other yoyo I have always wanted was the Gold Rim dipped Skylines back in the day.



Edit: got it.


TiWalker that’s a tough one!


I’ve always wanted to own a TiWalker and a Chesterman Beach edition Peak.



Great thread idea. There is no ‘one’ yoyo I’ve pined after for years. I tend to set my sights on a certain yoyo and then mercilessly hunt it down until I acquire it. I’ve been lucky (and over-spendy) enough to pick them up rather quickly - most of the time by pure chance. I’ve found some on the BST within the next month (or less) after having been struck with an urge to get it. But looking at my case, there’s never been a yoyo I’ve spent a long time chasing. I’ve done quite a few trades and my memory is fuzzy as to the details of some, but shortly after having stumbled upon Northern Spin Co’s Helix, I was offered one in a trade (a clear ano one (they look white, TBH)) out the blue and snatched it up. Of course, I couldn’t live with myself knowing that a much classier black version existed. And wouldn’t you know it, within a week of having acquired my white Helix, a black one popped up for sale and we agreed to trade (if I threw in a STYY Lotus ;)).


A pre-pro clear/red OG Punch Line was one of my only “quest” yoyos… one finally came up on BST and people pinged me, “Yo, Greg… get on this!” but it was too late. I asked the seller if he could contact the buyer and ask permission to get us in touch. He didn’t mind, and I was put in touch with the buyer-- one of the most well-known (and known as an awesome guy as well) pillars of the community.

Worked out a deal whereby he “broke even” and the yoyo made it to me a few days later.

Right now the only one I’m sort of always hunting for is the gunmetal gray El Ranchero. It’s not a “rare” yoyo but for some reason I haven’t landed one in a few months of trying!

No true rarities on my radar right now.


I’ve wanted a Sterling Quinn Skyline for a long time. Paid for one years ago that disappeared in the mail on its way to me.

Aside from that I’ve wanted to own an Earth Swirl Peak and gold rim dipped Skyline for a pretty long time as well. I have passed on a couple B-grade gold rim dipped Skylines, one due to the price, the other due to the reason it was a B-grade. Never had a chance at an Earth Swirl Peak, only one that has been sold publicly that I know of was when I was away from yoyos for a while, I’m sure all 3 of them are permanently locked away in collections now. I’m more or less over owning things just to own them so I don’t really care about the Peak any more, but since I’ve sold all of my Skylines I wouldn’t mind picking up one of those two if the opportunity arose since I like the yoyo itself quite a bit too.

Everything else that I’ve really wanted I have been able to find eventually.

(H.J.Fras) #12

Spyy Pure

All the older Lodge stuff

And a Cliff


Colored Draupnir :o


I’ve had nearly every yoyo I’ve ever wanted. The only thing I’ve not been able to obtain was Yes, Absolutely The End. I’ve known a few people that had them but they wouldn’t sell…

I think there’s only one yoyo I wish I still had and that’s the 1 of 2 white 1a (large bearing) Pure.


Give me a 2014 CLIFF that’s currently being designed by Petr and Chris haha don’t know what it looks like only hoping its another oversized yoyo

K serious, Give me Horizons (1A) CLIFFs(5A and DD)or Jaegers(3A) and YYO Gravitys or maybe even just more hayabusas with MOD spacers for comps. I’d be set for life pretty much


I have always wanted a Campfire and an M1 for as long as I can remember. Got the M1 now, but the Campfire is a tough one. I’m settling with my Bonfire for now… :slight_smile:


A mint Walrus Canvas. What I wouldn’t give…
I’ve also been desperately seeking a G3T to no avail.






Ti walker
Gen yo magnum