the "I've always wanted a..." thread


What is that yoyo you’ve always wanted? No, I don’t mean like a 1 of 4 gold Ronin or an autographed Wooly Marmot. I mean like this:
Mine are the YYF Big Deal and the General-Yo Torrent 2. Nothing totally special or extremely rare. Now it’s your turn!


I’ve always wanted a 888.11 or a DNA :slight_smile: I will be getting them soon though! ;D


My want list varies but includes stuff from cheap plastics to some high end stuff costing nearly $200(at least if we restrict this to conversation, otherwise I’d want a Midas XL4 and an XL8…)

My list doesn’t have any rares on it. I also have color choices in my wants list area.

Here it is in a real sloppy cut/paste from my wants-list area:
YoYoJam Lyn Fury
YoYoJam Kickside
YoYoJam Speed Maker
YoYoJam Prelude
YoYoJam Go Big
YoYoJam Phenomizm
YoYoJam Meteor
YoYoJam Legacy II
YoYoJam Journey
YoYoJam Chaser
The Hitman Pro, XCon Pro and Eneme are kinda catching my eye right now as well.
(Yes, I’m partial to the Hiroyuki Suzuki models, but I loves my DM2 as well)
I already have 8 YYJ yoyos, but I wouldn’t mind having more. Most of what I’m after are “stuff a lot of people have” items.

CLYW Sasquatch, Chief, Canvas

Duncan Raptor
I currently have plenty of Duncans because they are readily available locally. Still, the Rpator isn’t one they’ll carry around me. I have to order that.

YoYoRecreation Sleipnir
YoYoRecreation Clash
YoYoRecreation Dreadnought
A bit pricy. But, I can dream, right?

Chico Yoyo Company Heavy Hitter

Tom Kuhn RD-1

String Theory Bandit

C3 YoYo Design Winning Bird

General Yo Essence

Yomega Maverick, I think I saw someone selling one in BST that was dead unresponsive. That one had my interest.
Yomega Raider(X2)

YoYoFactory Loop900(X2)
There may be other YYF’s added later, but I’m not in any hurry. I have plenty of YYF right now.

Dif-E-Yo Tank

Tom Kuhn RD-1

Timcor Starfire

There’s some others, but I’m kinda limiting myself to stuff I can get here for the time being.

That’s enough for now.


a puppy

no really… uhh a spyy pure and an hspin SOAS pyro


Wow :o how long do you think it would take to get that Studio?


a friend that’s both a girl and a yo-yoer. But sadly it has to be one or the other where I live.


Honestly, if I felt like it? 10 days from now. But that assumes stuff is in stock.

But I don’t. I’m gonna get some yoyos for my kids and maybe something else for myself. I might go with a couple of the inexpensive YYJ plastics, a looper and a a couple of unresponsive one ones(not on the list) for my kids, maybe some strings. You can never have enough strings.


That’s too bad. People shold be able to enjoy the yoyo regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. It’s a universal classic toy.

If your friend is enjoying the yoyo, encourage her to continue to enjoy the yoyo. She’s only doing something she’s enjoying, and those around her need to accept that this is just an enjoyable activity that isn’t bothering anyone or causing any harm.


I’ve always wanted a Clashcube. Not super rare or hard to get. They’re available, if you have the cash, lol.


og or 1st run 28s mint peak
a mint but tuned eetsit
blue sleipnir
black/blue or bape colors bpzl


All my wants are from yyf because they seem to have some pretty good cuality yoyos. So here they are

Maybe a flea
That one whistling yoyo might be a neat collectors item. Wonder how it plays?
To top it all of a mutant DNA(a normal DNA would do but I would prefer a mutant)

I don’t have any color preferences. I also don’t plan on getting any of these any time soon, except for maybe the 888.


Don’t limit yourself to any one brand, but I do agree that YYF makes quality yoyos. Check our YYJ too. But, pretty much everything on YYE is good and worth checking out as well.

I’d recommend skipping the Flea for a bit though. I have one, its a bit too much challenge for now. It’s something I’m working towards.

(YoYo_Freak) #13

Ive always wanted a ILYY Noctu. And a Lamborghini Aventador.


I’ve always wanted a code 1, a mighty flea, a g5, and a wooly marmot.
And the ability to at least get SOMEONE started with yoyoing

(Y yo?2 yo.) #15

YYF Big Deal
YYF 888.11
YYJ DarkMagic 2
YYJ Speeder 2
YYJ Chaser
Some CLYWs
and some other stuff.

This too.


What I want but will never get is Ed Haponik’s wood collection. Glow Doug’s glow collection and Branding Jackson’s FHZ collection. The rest I can figure out how to get.

Edit: I forgot onedef1’s white addict collection.


I have always wanted a avalanche which I got, and to go to worlds which I did last year and already have it planned for the next 6


Xcube Steamroller…


Some people just think yo-yos are lame, because it’s a classic children’s toy I guess.


I’m running out of things I’ve always wanted, simply because I’m getting them.

The Chesterman Beach Peak I was searching for is in my possession, as was a wooly marmot. I got my eetsit, and my starry night skyline.

hmm, I guess the only thing I can think of right now is a galactic goose or a wooly markmont.