Most valuable yo-yo?


What it says in the topic. Let’s hear about them! :slight_smile:

(InvaderDust) #2

S.Kon Nostalgia. They went for something like 4,500$

you can read more about it here


Most valuable collectible yo-yo? Most valuable retail yo-yo? Most valuable site after factory yo-yo? Most valuable collectible yo-yo? Most valuable sought after factory yo-yo? Most Valuable custom made yo-yo; like the wire wheel yo-yo that Shinibu makes? Or most valuable yo-yo that Ettore(Bist) makes? Or most valuable yo-yo from years past that somebody just wants to put in a cabinet and stare at?


So more than one was made?

So cool!

(InvaderDust) #5

I want to say I read somewhere that there was 5 or so made and sold.

(ClockMonster) #6

The neat thing about that Nostalgia yoyo is that nearly all the weight is on the rims!


I feel like the only sane interpretation of this is retail. Otherwise we’re assigning prices to things that maybe never had a price in the first place?

So, Anglam MGSS it is then! $709.99?

(ClockMonster) #8

I thought the Anglam TISS was $900.


Aha! You’re right!

The black version of the ANGLAM TiSS is one of the most expensive production yo-yos ever made, retailing at a tremendous $900 USD, much higher than even the FG Dazzler. The black version is polished by professionals to the deepest, most luxurious finish possible


(Ettore Ferro) #11

After the WYYC 2009 I sold to Ben (YYGuy) the winner Stradivari for 900 USD
I spent on that yoyo a month, working 4 hours a day.
There are up to 30 pcs of Stradivari, made with different specs.
In 2010 I brought the Bistocracy.
That yoyo took the most high score in playability ever.
The Bistocracy engaged me 365 days of hard work. 4 hours per day, 16 hours per weekend.
I bought ore than 30 freehand and I destroed most of them.
Only 2 made in all the world, what would must have been the price?
Your question is cryptic. Hard to reply.
Maybe your question is: What’s the highest sell price for a yoyo?

(Ettore Ferro) #12

It was 700 $

(ClockMonster) #13

For $900, I would insist that a yoyo be indestructable and have a spin time on the order of days. :wink: