What is the most expensive yoyo?

That is sold AS a yoyo. Like it’s integral value stems from it being a yoyo. I remember seeing a gold and diamond encrusted yoyo for 5000$ but that doesn’t have any intrinsic value as a yoyo… What’s the most expensive yoyo that’s sold as a yoyo… (sorry hard to explain but I think u get the point)

I can’t accurately answer that. I can only answer with what is the most expensive yoyos that I’m aware of, and also, have paid for.

$345 for the 3Yo3 Ti-5.
$289 for the sOMEThING Anglam, which I’d buy another if I wasn’t about to do a large audio gear purchase.

These aren’t art pieces, they are items I play regularly and share and enjoy.

You really like the Anglam that much?

If you strip away historically significant yoyos, yoyos as jewelry, and just focus on yoyos as yoyos.

It’d have to be the S.kon Nostalgia… current retail is I believe right around $5300 US. It’s a custom-made piece in very small quantities, but I’d say it still counts.

If you’re talking about ‘production’ yoyos… the Freehand Mg at around $450.


Yes, I do. I wouldn’t mind buying 3 more of them. The price really has little to do with my enjoyment of the item. I just find for myself, I like the overall weight, the weight distribution as well as the shape. It just really works good for me.

Most of my playing these days is “out and about” so I’m playing lower cost metals and plastics. I’m still enjoying what I do. Price doesn’t have a price tag.

I think we need to establish what the OP is referring to. I would tend to agree with Kyo in regards to them being production models. The size of the run is irrelevant. Anyone can make a super-expensive small run and justify inflated prices due to the created “rarity”. However, it also doesn’t need to be an “open/unlimited” production run either.

I’ll also concede that as long as they are functional and not meant to be art items, it should also be considered.

Is it your favorite yoyo?

Yup. Anglam is my favorite yoyo.

Well the Oxy Ti’s beat anything else in this thread in the “production” realm at essentially $500.


How many of those are there? I know s.kon has made at least 20 vektors at $700 so I’d expect there to be at least 50 to qualify as production

I bought the Oxy Ti 9.06 from YoyoExpert, the tattooed version, and it retailed for $485.

The Oxygene Hyperion which is being sold now in stores, and will be sold at YoyoExpert in a matter of days, is more expensive, at $500. If anyone wants to buy one, keep an eye out in “new releases.”

IMG_6167 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

The yet-to-be released YYR Dazzler.