What yoyo has most "value" to you?


I know you all have super expensive throws but which throw has the most sentimental value to you? For me it’s my Zen 4 since it was my first metal. Love it to death.


my second chief. its minty mint, but its beat to crap. still plays awesome tho. never letting it go


Ehhhhh… I don’t have one that stands out too much. My Wrath was a gift from my wife. My Punchline turned out to be a surprise joy at very little cost (and includes bonus vibe from the previous owner!). My El Ranchero is my “bought new” pride and joy.

But I could lose all my yoyos in a flood and not feel that I’m out by very much “sentimental” value; I would only be out the monetary and time cost of replacement.

(SR) #4

My General Yo 7075 Majesty… It’s the yoyo I’ve paid the most for, especially considering it came with the beautiful wooden box.