What is your Favorite/Most Valuable YoYo in your case?

What is your Favorite/Most Valuable YoYo in your case?
It could be sentimental value or money value, and you can list more than one if you can’t decide :wink:

Mine would have to be, either my 1st Run KLR, Pre Pro 2nd Majesty, or BVM2.

Well, the one I’d least like to have taken from me is probably the Oxy TI 9.06 strictly because of how much I have invested in it.

But, the the last yoyos I’d sell if I were getting rid of my collection would probably be my new Avalanche, KLR, and Project.

KLR, amen MIO (only my closest friends know what that means).

Model 10, i dont have or want an ultra expensive over $200 throw.

Either my Purple Mountain Majesty or 28 Stories Cliff. My pre pro Majesty v2 will probably be on this list when it arrives.

My Ninja Hurdles Jensen Kimmitt auto’d Chief.

my most valuable is my Supernova. i love that thing.

but my favorite definitely is my DM2. its one of those things that you just have a connection with after using it for soo months.

My Model 10, Majesty, and KLR.

Prototype v1 5 star and or 7075 majesty

This is my favorite:

My beat 5150. It means a lot since I live where Madhouse started.

That’s a hard one. The protostar for the reliability? The popstar for the portability? the dm2 'cause it’s like a rock? All of them offer something the others don’t; it’s hard to pick.

Most favorite? - first Bape Code1 I got from Onedrop.

Most Valuable in the case?- Prototype Doctor Popular signature throw “The End” by Yes, absolutely.


I’d have a crisis if you made me pick between 4 yoyos:

  • SPYY Punchline – I just love this thing; it suits me best of all my yoyos. If you said “One yoyo. Forever. That’s it. Pick one.” it would probably be this (with apologies to my wife for reasons seen below)

  • SPYY El Ranchero – also love this thing and it’s my most expensive yoyo

  • Deadly SpINS Wrath – excellent player, and a gift from my wife

  • Kyo DNS – wonderful organic, and my first metal

I’ve only been throwing for 4 months and the answer to both is OD CODE2. Thinking about getting a summit though

I have this blue throw that I traded for at PNWR. The story behind it is This guys dad used to run a machine shop and they tried their hand at making yoyos. What they had were various prototypes with different sized bearings, and colors, and weight distributions. Unfortunately His dad died and having no use for the Machining equipment he sold them. He never gave the yoyo a name but dubbed it “Big Blue” and said he was planning on making more and selling them before his dad died. Never gave it a price either therefore to me it is Priceless. I will NEVER trade or sell it.

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Definitely Positron. Every preference I have is in that yoyo

Most expensive: Arctic Circle
Most valuable: Yomega Maverick (It was my first yoyo)
Best player: Code2
Best looking: Gelada


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I have a small collection, but my Facorite is a Modded DV888.

Most valuable, probably my old atmosphere that doesn’t have a solid Spin axle. It’s yellow and has a little dome.