Which yoyo do you like the most?

This thread is not one of those “what’s the best yoyo” threads. Simply share your preference if you feel like it. No target goal here.

One simple question: What’s your favorite yoyo? The one you like the most (for whatever reason you like it).

You can only pick ONE SINGLE yoyo, and you must own it.

GenYo Majesty.

General Yo Model 10

Someone asked this a couple of weeks ago. My answer hasn’t changed.

sOMEThING Anglam.


Yes, I own that particular one in the picture.

CLYW x OD Summit. Seriously it is my ideal yoyo. Dead smooth, super wide, stable, long spinner, and godly horizontals. Plus it’s floaty and Iove the finish. And then if that isn’t enough, it’s freaking gorgeous, in any color.

I would have to say my Arctic Circle. So good.

Mine would be these three equally.

Summit, CODE2 and Chief.

My fav changes from day to day . Right now my currant fav/pocket throw is the sine/saw . It’s unbelievability smooth and stable , And since it didn’t coast me an arm and leg I don’t mind playing it over concrete .

Hmmm… I wonder why we have a “fav. Yoyo” spot on our profile…

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That was me. The exact same question.

I just got my hands on two new yoyos, but I have a feeling my YYF HOT will still be my favorite after my few “honeymoons”. It just has a feel I can’t seem to beat. I have been recently practicing for my first freestyle. I use my HOT and everything feels so right. Then I use my Supernova and it feels good too, but more of a “this is a new yoyo” opposed to my HOTs “this is a perfect yoyo for me” feeling. It’s my baby, ever since I bought it.

The NSCo. Quantum :slight_smile:

It is necessary to keep making new threads on the same topic?

(Sorry, the trend of newer users doing this is getting annoying)

My YYF ProtoStar.

Yoyofactory H.O.T is my newer favorite but my all time is the Avant Garde

Turning Point Positron. Everything I could want in a yoyo :slight_smile:

YoYoJam Next Level

Onedrop Chik. I love that it plays like a burnside but plays just a hair lighter. Also SIDE EFFECTS!!!

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If you take a closer look, not all the answers match to their fav yoyo profile, besides, I want to interact with other people, know why it’s their favorite yoyo, not hunt the forums users to find their favorite yoyo, which most of the time are way more than one.

This is a forum, if you don’t like the thread, don’t come here. It’s not like I’m asking a question that has only one right answer and that I can search for it.

I am keeping my entry for that blank. I really am minimizing what information in on my profile these days.

Doomsday/44Clash Genesis