Which yoyo do you like the most?

No, you’re just asking a question that has been recently asked and “you can’t be bothered to search for it”

It was posted last week. We’re not talking a necro-thread.

Nevermind. It’s too much to ask people to make a minimal effort anymore.

My Barracuda! i love it!

It’s sorta like a ruffles syndrome I can’t choose just one (I know ruffles is cant eat just one, but you get the idea).

I know I wish I could make a little effort to just pick one but I cannot sorry I love them all hehe.

I dare you to come up with a search that will have that particular topic on the top 5 results.

Tell ya what:

My day rate is $2400.

Paypal it to me and I’ll get it done.

i think its better if everyone calms down a bit :wink: sure, reposts are annoying, and if moderators want to do something against that fine! but you really dont need to start a fight over this, the fight in the post is way more annoying than the reposts themselfes

Why are you being not a nice fella here? You seem to be the issue here.

Doing pretty good for yourself, 600k annually assuming you don’t work weekends.
How about you go spend that money of yours and just go be happy? Buy a boat and go sailing, you won’t be missed.

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Great choice I love this yoyo :slight_smile: what color is yours?

Boats suck.

I’m happy doing pro audio.

Now, go find that message thread of “Favorite yoyo”. It’s easy.

I have a hard time believing that you’re currently happy, good luck on that.

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Considering it can only be a yoyo that you own, the surge

my Summit.


I would love to say it’s one of the throws that I’ve spent the most money on, like my Chief or my Majesty, but it’s still my Rally. I love this thing

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Another gear choice I’m throwing my rally today.

It is so hard to pick one single yo-yo. I’m going to take more time on this. I’m tempted to say my trusty DMII, but that’s the one most near and dear to my heart ;D , so I don’t know if that’s a fair pick.

A lot of people are going to go nuts but I like plastics over metals. The feel of plastics just get me. So ill get back to you guys after I get a Yeti and Rally. But for metals Cascade is my cup of tea right now. After I get some Ultralights it should be perfect.

Overall my favorite yoyo has to be the onestar to be honest. It’s price, it’s play, and it’s feel is amazing. $15 for a yoyo that feels exactly like a delrin superstar and plays amazing? Yes please.

At the moment it’s the Magicyoyo T6. But that might change by next week.

General yo klr!:slight_smile: