Your favorite yoyo?

Hello fellow yoyoers,

I know there is no “best” yoyo. My question is what is your favorite yoyo and why? The answer doesn’t have to be performance reasons. It can be as simple as it was your first yoyo.


chuckles at the ensuing rage storm

Whenever I get something new, I always think that’s my favorite, but time and again I always come back to my 3rd run Avalanche.

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Chief has been my favorite since the day I put my hands on it. I now own 3 including a first run. They’re my babies.

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You can see mine below my location/bio.


I like the Di Base it just goes with me

Keep coming back for moar PunchLine all of the times.

What style?

For 1A, I’m really liking the Anglam. It’s giving me the performance I am looking for with a shape I like. It’s one of those things where you find something that really works well for you.

2A: Unleashed all the way.

3A: not even going there right now.

4A: Jet Set but I’m having some issues doing the one-hand whip bind right now which I can do fine on the Fiesta XX.

5A: YYJ Destiny. The size and weight is a good fit for me.

I always go back to my Cliff an Purple Mountain Majesty. Love them.

yoyojam kickside

Phenom! that yoyo with a konkave bearing = Beast Mode! ;D

right now im really into this positron bootleg

i love my (well, soon to be mine) raven edition 08 888

i also really like my duncan metropolis

My torrent it is the smoothest throw I have I mean its just great!

My Square Wheels Royale!

2nd favorite is the Rockefeller. These yoyos are sooo good! I love them to death.

The first for sentimental reasons
1- Genesis: My first “high-end” metal I got it for myself after Learning all the tricks on the YoYoExpert 1A trick list.

2- FG Hulk Smash Chief.

Cascade. It flows and is a nice yoyo to just chill with. Maybe the FG CLIFF when it gets here…

My 66 gram caribou street 7th run chief. Its power is over NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAND!!!