Your top 3 fav. yoyos?

What are you 3 top favorite yoyos you OWN? Big key word there. own.

I’d have to say:

  1. HSpin Gorylla (Just can’t go wrong. Amazing quality)
  2. YYF G5 (Most stable. Probably my competition throw if I needed one)
  3. YYJ ENEME (My Take-anywhere, higher-end metal. It’s a fun little yoyo :slight_smile: )

Post yours

  1. Sasquatch
  2. RecRev No.9
  3. Wooly Marmot
  1. Peak
  2. Hitman
  3. MVP
  1. Superstar my most smooth yoyo, amazing 5a and my compition yoyo
    2.northstar my favplastic and just a beast
    3.genesis my most stable yoyo, and i always practice new combos with this thing
  1. Northstar I just can’t stop throwing this. It’s awesome.
  2. Carbon Awesome throw as well.
  3. MMZ But, the sili ripped out.

OneDrop 54
CLYW Gnarwhal
YYJ Phenom

Supernova Smooth, slick, and snappy binds with awesome grinds
Gnarwhal So smooth, best grinds ever, and so snappy nice feeling binds, and the metal makes a nice sound when binding it.
Pro So stable, smooth, and wide.

  1. Peak
  2. any of my 3 DM v1’s
  3. BvM

YYF Rockstar
YYF Protostar <figure out new tricks on this one first…
Werrd TFL 88 Groovy


How come you like DM v1’s? I tried one, and I hated the response system.

Once I added shims, and messed around with the response a little more, I realized how much I like them. Also, occasionally, I’ll put 2 halves together and have a dual sili DM v1. That plays beast


Yoyorecreation Stargazer
Yoyorecreation Messiah
Yoyorecreation Sleipnir/44clash

With 3 YYR’s you CAN’T go wrong. Damn I need to update my profile.

I’m changing it

There, now that’s legit. :wink:

  1. Boss- Smooth, Nice size, Stable, Competition Ready, Long Spin, Nice Shape
  2. Yuuksta- Smooth, Small, Stable, Awesome for Horizontal, Nice Shape,
  3. Y-Factor- I just really love it, everything is awesome
  1. sasquatch

had to put 4 in ther sorry

My 3 favorites so far ;
DMI , I put in shims, liquid Silc, and YYF bearing. very unresponsive.

1)YYF Plastic Grind Machine
2)Duncan Metal Drifter
3)Duncan 2010 Throw Monkey

Dark magic VII