What are your top 5 favorite yoyo's?

Whats your favorite yoyo?

Mines the
Wooly Marmot great undersize yoyo good shape
Peak Just like the marmot but bigger and more stable
888 Nice shape and size
DNA very light and good for 5a
Gnarhwal nice weight, stable, spins long but I would like it bigger

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In no particular order (other than the order I thought of them :P)

  1. PunchLine. Great size, slow, smoooooth, fun shape, amazing irg lip, b-e-a-utiful.
    2)Wedgie. Solid, raw, A bearing = pure business
  2. 888 classic. great color, low wall, interesting finish.
  3. 5star. Seriously amazing yoyo is serious… for serious
  4. Marmot. Amazing colorways, played fantastic.

In no particular order

Wooly Marmot
Y Factor
Planet 9
MarkMont Next

Protostar - This will always be in my case
FHZ - Duncan SB goodness
Cosmo - 3yo3 is awesome
Hand Candy - a classic in the making
Revolution or DM2 - both awesome YYJs

So there you have it.

Protostar/ northstar
888 classic

  1. General-Yos
  2. Fury
  3. ProtoStar/North Star
  4. Project 2
  5. Pacquiao
  1. New Breed
  2. DM
  3. G5
  4. Mini Mo-Tu
  5. Lunatic

1: Juveline Offender
2: Genesis
3: Rockstar
4: '09 Severe
5: Protostar

Genesis w/ and w/out hubs

today it’s:
YYJ Hitman
HSpin G&E4 (Lily)
Anti-yo Fluchs
YYF Hectic
YYJ Journey


How come so many people have “General Yo’s” as their listed “Favorite Yoyo”. I mean I’ve heard about YYF/YYJ fanboys etc. but dont really see many. and i get that but from the pictures I’ve seen all General Yo’s are VERY different size and shape. I have only played my ministar so thats why I’m asking, I’m getting the feeling their more similar than i thought since soo many people just put them all in the same category? Is it just team members or something? As you can see no hate, I LOVE my ministar… ALWAYS in my pocket. I LOVE the finish on it. I think I’ll get a Hatrick on BST if I can! Unless it plays the same as my ministar. Im just wondering if their all that similar to categorize them all the same?

Whats your Top five favorite yoyo?

  1. Yoyoskeel Stalker : It’s like a very wide YYJ Meteor. Light, fast, GOOD for sideways! If any of you have heard/seen it I think you’ll get what I mean. ;D It’s some made in Malaysia yoyo ;D
  2. YYR Messiah : Awesome looks, awesome play (it’s floaty, and smooothhh) Never understood why not many people here like it.
  3. Playmaxx Cold Fusion GT : Classic awesomeness. ;D
  4. Playmaxx Turbo Bumblebee GT : More classic awesomeness ;D
  5. Turning Point Leviathan : Has always caught my eye, this one. For reasons unknown. ;D
  1. ILYY Void
  2. Agape
  3. First prototype bully
  4. ILYY Fury
  5. Yomega Dash
  1. Mayhem
  2. FHZ
  3. Ooch Smoov
  4. Punchline
  5. Kickside/M1/X-con (love them all the same)

No order

Legacy (yes… a legacy)

in no order

2010 severe

I’ve only ever owned 5 yoyos, but here they are ranked…

  1. Atmosphere
  2. Legacy
  3. FMZ
  4. FHZ
  5. Journey

What’s an Ooch Smoov?