what is your favorite yoyo


what is the yoyo that you like the most



(laxdude99) #3

Genesis yuuksta and northstar


The YoYo that spins.


YYF 44 currently


dark magic


totally agree wth that


i love the new yoyos that are comming out but bo matter what i always go back to my dna. its just a tank like its taken more beatings than boxer and still is the smoothest most high performance yoyos i own and i own a good amount of yoyos for high to low end.




CLYW PEAK and mostly any other CLYW yoyo


my jewel: SPYY Ronin
my daily throw: Aoda Flying Shuttle (man I love this throw)
my daily candy: 3yo3 Cosmo


duncan butterfly :-\


I’m having a tough time deciding between protostar and northstar. But I think it has to be protostar


Either my DNS or my Hitman Pro. I switch back and forth between them a lot.

(DOGS) #15

Fun fact: it says it right under our names :stuck_out_tongue:


Wooly marmot this thing is slick!


A coca-cola russel yo-yo!

haha!.. classic!
And it’s made in the Philippines!


YYF Protege cheap, feels perfect in my hands, good enough to do hard combos


Freehand Mikey (as Q would call it ;D )

(Brandon1) #20

Dark Magic ;)It’s the way to go!