that one yoyo

whats that one yoyo, that just perfect yoyo in your collection that you will never get rid of. for me its between the genesis or the bassline, but i think i have to say bassline

Genesis and northstar

Punchline: Not too big and not too small, shape has a great distribution, has a slight H but is still rounded out, nice weight, splash annoed but is subtle (Green/Blue), SLOW, SMOOTH.


ilyy fury and the pyro light that was owned by Takeshi Kamisato from Duncan crew :slight_smile:

My Peak. Has always been my favorite yo-yo and will always be.


My Protoge and my Campfire

Genesis and Northstar. Love those shapes so much. I also really like the other yoyos with those shapes, namely Protostar, Starlight, Rockstar, Stacked Genesis, and Grind Machine 2.

My purple 888 Classic. I already lost one and couldn’t bear to lose it again - not to mention it was pure luck that I managed to get ahold of this one. Plus it continues to amaze me with how even after taking a couple nasty hits to the concrete, it still jumps back playing as silky smooth as the moment I got it. Perfection - bar none.


1/5 (mother earth color) marmot. not because its 1/5, but because its a wooly marmot :smiley:

My 888

My speed beetle and my hatrick. Speed just holds setimentle value, it’s really what got me started throwing. For some reason, the fact that it furstrated me so much while trying to learn trapeze on it makes me wanna hang on to it.

post naow!

Gnarwhal. But next year at worlds, i’m trading it…for another Gnarwhal. Just to change color :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess its more sentimentally my favorite then my favorite playing, but Its up there with my Superstar, Skywalker and Peak. I just love it sooo much…

My Gnar and future Sasquatch. I already tried one.

My General-Yo’s.