What Is Your Favorite Yoyo?



(Thomas) #2

Hatrick. ;D ;D ;D ;D

(DOGS) #3

is says it under all our names

(SR) #4




(SR) #6

And… ?


<----------- LOOKIE HERE


This thread is not a total fail. think about it. How long have you been on this forum and when was the last time you changed your favorite yoyo? I know mine changes a lot. currently it’s my Virus and or the ILYY Fury.

(Hardcore_Max) #9

mine the YYF Primo


im expecting a y-factor soon, so mine might change again :wink: under my name it says “x-convict” and it’s one of my favorites, but i dont throw one. my favorite right now is the original project.


im just aking whats your favorite yoyo i dont wanna look up everybody


General-Yo Mini-Star

(SR) #13

Oh what the heck…

General-Yo Hatrick


Genesis, soon to be 2010 Severe, or Mini-Star. :slight_smile:

(gee_) #15

I think it’s hilarious that people’s newest yoyos become their favorite. Is it really your favorite yoyo or are you just caught up in the “new toy” phase.

For me, it’s definitely the BSP and the MVP. The BSP is one of, if not the, most fun yoyos I’ve ever owned. The MVP is one of the best playing yoyos I’ve ever owned. Just feels so right in my hands.


I don’t have one at the the moment… Used to be the Superstar, but I’m really feeling lighter throws at the moment. Which means I’m throwing my Skyline a lot. But I don’t like small yoyos… Lol.


Yea my new yoyo i “might” get a Big Deal


OMG there are so many yoyos i really love, ok so lets start:

NVx, MVP, Competizione Evo, SuperStar, Boss, G5(1 run), Wooly Marmot, Genesis, Tactic, ProtoStar

But the top 3 is: NVx, Copmetitione Evo, and MVP


In Order,

1.Dif-e-Yo Bone Chip–>Feels nice,Plays nice & Looks nice
2.YoYoFactory F.A.S.T 401k–>Adjustable convenient
3.Dif-e-Yo InTernal Turmoil(72g Version)–>Feels a little slippy


Lyn Fury… If i had more money it would be a better one but im comparing mine to duncans… they are terrible