YOUR favorite yoyo!

I want everybody to tell me what their favorite yoyo is just for fun.

OG Avalanche!

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Cool thx!

No problem :wink: what is your favorite?

I tend to go between the compass yoyo and the horizon

The horizon is great! I’ve never tried the compass but the horizon is in my keeper collection :slight_smile:

My favorite plastic yoyo is the skyva


I’m serously considering saying that mine is the Duncan Butterfly.

No shame in that :wink: I really enjoy the Duncan butterfly as well! I’ve kept mine over the 6 years or so since I started and still use it every so often :slight_smile:

my One single most favoritest yoyo?

CLYW x Luftverk: AMS hardcoat Tundra.

I admit it’s a dodge but for 1A wood: TMBR Moxon, plastic: Recess First Base, metal: MFD 2evil

We’re not happy until you’re not happy! *<B{Q>

I enjoy all of my yo-yos but if I had to give a slight edge to one it would be the YYF Edge ;D

I have a Playmaxx Prototype Gold Plated Mini yo-yo. Although it is one of my Fav’s, I have had it about 15 years and since there are NO Markings, was wondering how to show/prove what it is?
I seldom throw it as it is more a ‘collectible’. I have considered selling it, but have no idea what to ask or how to show what it is!!!

Why don’t you post a picture of it

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I own about 25 yoyo’s ranging from $5 to $125 and my favorite of ALL OF THEM is the “Vosun Vanquish” That sucker is only $30 and it just does everything man. It’s smooth. It’s almost impossible to have a bad throw. It’s profile is super comfortable. It’s weight and gap are perfect for me. I love this thing. I take it every where I go. It’s way better than my one drops and YYF although I do like those yoyo’s too. I just love it. I might pick up another. The stock bearing feels cheap but is pretty quiet and spins foreeevveeerrrr. if I was forced to get rid of all my yoyo’s and keep one, I would keep the Vosun Vanquish. You guys should really pick one up. My favorite plastic is the Recess First Base. I love all the colors and it was the first plastic that changed my mind about plastics as a serious yoyo. it just works REALLY well especially for the money. It’s only $20 bucks! I have already owned 2 and working on a third lol.

Black bi-metal Superstar.

As of now the yoyofficer shift but it will change tomorrow😂

Bi metal Banana Hammock or Elite

Im gonna have to shine a special spotlight on the YYR Sputnik. This thing has really taken my heart and my hand favors it above most everything else.