whats your favorite yo-yo?

so what’s your favorite yo-yo? mine is the Dark Magic, stock and a Legacy, Stock.

I like dark hitman! 1 hitman half and a dm half! JUST KIDDING
when i screwed them together and played for a while, it played like magic. suddenly, the thing flew apart. It was the first dent on my dark magic and i hated the hitman forever (just kidding).

nvm, i like dm.

EDIT: My dark hitman is horribly unresponsive, i hate it, it needs a double bind to get back.

One-Drop M1, or a YoYoFactory G5

I love my DM for 5a. I’ve dropped it sooooo much XD

Yoyofactory G5

Plastic Grind Machine (black/green) and Dark Magic (purple)!

How am I supposed to pick just one!!!

I love Duncan, yoyojam, yoyofactory, one drop, and 44re:creation yoyos! ;D

Happy Throwing! =]

Duncan Freehand Zero!
Click Here for the full res version: http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/6516/img8323hg9.jpg


canihafone  :wink:

Im pretty sure im in love with the legacy!

I’m with you yoyoman. I love the DM and Legacy.


I also like the 888.

keep spinning


Please do stop bringing up these old posts. This is either the second or third month old topic you bring back up to say that your favorite yoyo is the 888. It’s great that you enjoy your new yoyo, but there’s no need to make these posts in these numbers.

Not really. This wasnt unnecessary. Its unnecessary if the post served its purpose, but this isnt a topic that has an end, therefore, it doesnt matter. This wasnt really a necro, despite that it was brought back, it isnt a big deal.

888, PGM, M1

(yet again, see avatar.)

I’ll also have to go with the Zero, sticker recessed.

Cool, Yuuki played with a wooden yoyo.

Happy Throwing! =]

anything Werrd…

and then 2nd would be anything Duncan (stock or modded - dosen’t matter as you can have fun with yoyos either way)

same 2nd for me. for sure.