whats your favorite yoyo!?


i want to know what your favoite yoyo is and why!?

i dont have many yoyos so the freehand by duncan is my favorite, but i want to get a dark magic.

(JackG) #2

i just love my 555. it is a great yoyo and i just love it


I only have one good yoyo, and it is a G5. But I ordered a Dark Magic sunday. I know it sais my fav. yoyo is Dark Magic, but I thought they were making me take a test or something, I just wanted to be a membe so I put that.


I currently am in love with my Peak because it’s beastly smooth.

It’s gonna be the third wheel soon because in a few days I’ll be lovin my GM2!!! YEAH!!!


For me its my 888 and my grind machine. Those are what I use the most. I also like them for just how good they are.


right now my fav is a DV888 but my 888 should get here tomorrow (i got the ocho8ocho)

(G5 Warrior) #7

it says your fave yoyo on the side right under your profile name.i have seen like six of these posts and thier is no point for them.


The Search Button by YoYoExpert.




yes true but it doesnt say why. If you look at my fav yoyo on the right it says dark magic because i saw it and thought it was awsome and i just ordered mine yesterday. i cant wait to get it!Plus some aren’t up to date.


YoYoFactory Dv888.

(Mikey) #12


anyone else

(JonasK) #14

Well it says M1 right now. But I just threw something that just blew it away.

Sky Blue CUT #54


bbyy bully cause its my only metal and its gunna eat u :stuck_out_tongue:




General Yo 5Star 2nd Run.

(SR) #18

Favorite Yo-Yo’s That I Own- dv888, 888

Favorite Yo-Yo’s That I Have Tried- BOSS

(Nova) #19



BBYY Bully and my pad recessed fhz (done by me)