whats your fav. yoyos?

I am bored so i made this post, what is your favouite yoyos?
1.09 888
4.catch 22
6.sunset NXG
10.Dark Magic :smiley:

Duncan Imperial and Bear vs. Man

I love the dollar store yoyos.


Cream right now.

in order-

  1. Peak
  2. Skyline
  3. Wooly Marmot
    4 BvM

That’s my top 5.

And the big ben for 4a and black knight for 5a

Large bearing dv888
Small bearing dv888

Favorite Yo-Yo’s That I Own (In Order):

  1. dv888
  2. 888
  3. PGM v2
  4. X-ConVict
  5. Dark Magic
  6. Sunset Trajectory

Favorite Yo-Yo’s That I Do Not Own But Have Tried:

  1. BOSS
  2. Counter-Attack

Favorite Yo-Yo’s That I Do Not Own And NOT Tried, LOL:

  1. Wooly Marmot
  2. Cream

The BOSS is my favorite yo-yo in the world, and the dv888 comes in close second, and 888 comes in third. I will pick up a BOSS at Nationals if I go. Should have picked one up at BLC when I had the chance.

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1: Yoyojam Hitman
2: C13
3: Freehand
4: PGM
5: Reactor