Favorite Yoyo V1

What is your 5 most fave yoyos?
The reason why it says it says V1, is because in about 7 months time, I will start a new thread because by then there will be more releases.
Without further a due, my favorite yo’s:

1.Steve Brown 888
2.CLYW Bear vs Man 28 stories edition
5.H-Spin Blood/Silver/Black Lily

Wilba over and out.

  1. Hspin Blood Lily
  2. ILYY Mary
  3. CLYY BvM
  4. Envy 64
  5. 888

which type?
07 888? 08 88? 09 888? Higby? Asian? God there are too many…


1André Boulay’s Darkmagic.
2yoyojam big yo 2
3yoyojam sunset trajectory
4custom yo axl
5and my least liked out of em all is a Duncan mosquito.

You need to try/get some new yoyo’s robert. haha

  1. Dark MAgic ( kk’d, silicone pads)
  2. Modded Hit man
  3. Xcon
  4. Lyn with a dorothy bearing

Some of y’all have got waaay more disposable income than I do.

1.& 2. Kickside and FHZ (I can’t decide)
3. Cherry Bomb
4. Flying Squirrel
5. MOSQUITO…ballasted up to 63 gr. ;D

Have Fun,

editted to add-OK, I just picked an old Profly up off my desk, and you know what? When I’m in the mood for it, only a wooden axle will do…The problem with this kind of thread is that there are about a dozen yoyos in my “top 5”.

1 wooly marmot
2 genesis
3 g5
4 skyline
5 dv888

  1. Ten Yoyo Drop Bear
  2. CLYW Gnarwhal
  3. Yoyofactory Supernova
  4. One Drop Dietz
  5. Yoyofactory Genesis

One heck of a necro…

Yes, yes it is.

Sorry didn’t see the date, and what’s so bad about a necro?