yo-yo voting

im on a mission to find wich yo-yo is the most favorite of all yo-yo expert.
plz vote! ;D

Well, the problem with these posts are that there are too many of them and that you cannot list all the yoyos made in the world. Also, there are too many posts similar to this.



Just to name a few.



L3, M1, Duncan MG, C22, Peak, BvM, other popular ones. Not to bring you down but Mage said it and I agree with him.

i really dont care, mabye i just want to do one :



Hey, I understand how you just wanted to make a post that could serve to be informational, but over the past couple days, this is something the forum really didn’t need. I suggest looking at the posts that DYonch linked, and notice how they weren’t all of a success. If you are looking at those threads, I highly recommend checking this one: Too many "Favorite YoYo" threads - #13 by DYonch - General Yo-Yo - YoYoExpert Forums

The thread expresses a lot of good ideas that are all pretty much true. I say take heed of that post, and learn from it.

I’m glad you took the time to make the poll and to post on YYE. I do hope you post in the future. We would really like someone like you. But please learn from this experience and try not to post like this :wink:

Yes, maybe you do want to just do one, but it is extremely unnecessary, as you have seen from all of the other posts.

Thanks for keeping the forum a nice place :wink:


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Samad says all!

I made a improved one? ;D


R1 Rollout

Im sick of these posts!!!