The best 1a Yoyo

Okay. Sorry, I messed up back there. Vote here!!!
You can vote for 3.

And the results!

1st: 888
2nd: SuperStar
3rd: Skyline
4th: Dark Magic
5th: M1

Warning: This is just the opinion of YYE. You may not like the 888, or the other yoyos up there. This was also made for the general overall of the yoyo. Preference is the biggy, money, and quality. So you may not like these, since the catch22 will probably be better, but not in price. Remember, THIS IS JUST OPINION, YOURS CAN DIFFER. IF THERE WAS REALLY ONE BEST YOYO, THEN WHY DO COMPANIES EVEN SELL?

Starter: What’s the best yoyo?
Yoyoer: Oh, the **********
Starter: Oh. Buys

Only the ********** is getting any money, other companies drop their yoyos and business. Why hasn’t this happen? Because THERE IS NO BEST YOYO.

Superstar, M1, and Skyline.


I already did if you were refering to me.

DM, legacy, 888. Later.

Keep it spinning™

m1,skyline, BvsM

888, legacy, M1

Right now:


Probably in order…

Asking whats the best yoyo is like asking what is the best type of food.

It varies for different people.

Are you wondering about what yoyo you should get next?
Depends on a few factors:
Metal or plastic? or hybrid?
Large? or undersized?
Heavy feeling, or lighter
Does your style focus on grinds, slacks, flashy tricks or tech?

Let us know.

Or if you were wondering our yoyo preferences,

I like my Spyy Radian mk3 very much these days.
I also like projects, and my Bio Ego.


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Out of curiosity, what is the purpose of this? :slight_smile:

Just trying. I had you guys post the ones you wanted to see… The ones with most points made it to here.

Just trying what? :slight_smile:

To see the overalll most preferred yoyo.

He made a thread where everyone could post their favorite yoyos. The top ten are on that list. So I suppose that the Dv888 is not even top ten.

awww, thats sad! :’(

DV888 only had two “votes”

It ends on sunday!!!
BTW, M1 was first in the “votes”, then Dark Magic, 888,and Superstar tied for third.


Only 5 more days

Ends on sunday

Is anyone voting still?

I think the most active members all voted.