What's better?

Okay, next poll. Of these 15 yoyos listed, which one is the best? Sadly, I only have one of those. If you don’t have any of these yoyos, select the one that you want the most. Then, when you make your choice, please tell me why you want that yoyo in your reply. You can actually have up to 3 votes on this poll. This poll will run for 10 days, after that time is up, the results will be posted. :slight_smile:

Please, if you have any of these yoyos, choose which ones you like the best of the ones you have. I would like to know which ones you like better, more than which ones you want the most. :slight_smile:

I’m not even gonna waste time with your list, much less poll.

Best is based on individual preferences. What may be best for me may not be best for you. What I like, someone else may hate.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what others like, it only matters what YOU like. You need to figure out what your preferences are. Until you can do that, the odds are your next few purchases are just going to be a “hope for the best” situation. The good news is that most yoyos are really good, so the there’s really only an issue if it just really clashes with your preferences.

You gotta buy yoyos based on your preferences or just buy the hyped ones


Did I say that I was going to buy whichever yoyo had the most votes? I may but this poll won’t be the reason. Of these, I want most of them. Especially, the YYF Dv888, Duncan Barracuda, and Duncan Echo.

I just want to see what everybody else’s opinion is. This not just for my benefit.

Surge or Anglam? lol

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I kinda think the Anglam will win

I picked the summit. It’s a beast.

Let me restate, since you seemed to miss the point of that as well:

There is no best. It’s all based on individual preferences.

Are you getting it now?

Case and point:

I find the dv888 to be a bland yoyo, devoid of personality, character and plays heavy on the string. Very dense for it’s size.

Is it bad? Not in the least. Am I glad I have it? Absolutely, it’s a fantastic “reference” yoyo. Not “reference” as in “an example of something bad”, but rather a fine example of a yoyo LOTS of people have due to it’s price. A good common reference point.

Some people LOVE the dv888. I don’t.



Getting it yet?

What it comes down to is this in regards to any yoyo:

Do you like it? You don’t know if you like the yoyo, you haven’t played it.

Let’s just really be crude about it:

I like the Anglam. Hands down, my favorite. I make no excuses or justification for my choice other than I like it, it’s my favorite and it performs best for me. However, if you DO NOT like it, then who cares why. It’s your choice, and I won’t criticize your choice.

I dislike the Nova, SuperNova, Severe, Skyline, Genesis, G-Funk, Super-G and 888x. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in any way with any of those yoyos. Sorry YYF, I don’t mean to pick on you. You know not all yoyos click with all people. Those models just don’t match up well for me. I know I dissed the dv888 above. I’d rather take a Classic over any of those any day of the week. So, for me, the Classic is better.
Of the yoyos I mentioned that I don’t like, it should be of no surprise I don’t own any of them but have played all of them. I do own a dv888 though. I have no issue recommending the 2013 SuperStar or Shutter to nearly anyone.

I’m not anti-YYF. I have 36 of their yoyos that I do enjoy, some of which are pairs of loopers.

Starting to understand now?

The vast majority of yoyos are good, if not great. Your preferences really play key roles in determining better and best. Price should merely be used as a measure of costs for commerce, nothing more.

Maybe a little bit more accessible:

What is better? The RecRev Freq. Wav or the CLYW Chief? The Freq.Wav has one strike against it: it’s out of production. It is half the price of the Chief. To me, it preforms on-par with the Chief. What do I like better? The Freq.Wav because my Chief doesn’t grind as well, so due to this feature, the lower-cost item wins. I have both, by the way.

How about different shapes and weight distributions but within the same brand?
Take a stock Code 2 and a stock Cascade. I have both. What is better? Well, for me, the Code 2 is the better choice for me.

Or how about different materials?
The GSquared AL7’s compared to their 6061 counter-parts?
I like the Triton and Albatross AL7 better than the original. The Nessie, I have a slight preference towards the original model over the AL7 as I think the lighter weight just works a touch better for me for that kind of shape.

How about shape shoot-out? Shall we mix brands?
Let’s take the H-shaped Duncan Barracuda over something not too far off the price mark but is V-shaped…
How about the C3 Trident.
I’m a big fan of V-shapes. As much as I enjoy the Barracuda, I’d take a V-shape given the option.

How about size? Same brand or mix brands? How about we keep it within the same brand. I’m gonna get strange on this one:
One Drop Dietz vs Burnside:
I like full sized stuff, so Burnside.

But, say, CLYW Gnarwal vs even a Chief, or the slightly smaller AC or even the Avalanche?
This one makes no sense, because when it comes to CLYW, I seem to reach for the Gnarwal most often and that’s on the smaller side of things. The Campfire is smaller though, but still, the Gnarwal is usually my go-to CLYW.

Now, if you’re gonna start buying stuff, please, if you can, try before you buy. Heck, I’ll make this offer to anyone and everyone here who is going to Nationals:
I carry my full set of CLYW’s and One Drops in my “Case of Wonders”, along with my GSquared and a few other brands. There will be plenty of room in the case to put stuff in there you want to try. Now the issue will be:
PM’ing me the models you want to try.
Then finding me at Natioanals.

(however, I wasn’t planning to bring the “Case of Wonders” as I was planning to travel light that day, so there better be demand for it or it’s staying home. I could just bring a Classic, YYJ Destiny, DM2, a Phenom, an offstring,an OG Octave and a pair of Unleashed with spare strings and be perfectly content that day.)

Or scheduling an appointment at my house to try stuff.

Of your choices:
Again, the dv888 wasn’t an ideal match for me, yet I’m glad I have it and am not getting rid of it. Keep in mind it’s small.
The Duncan Metropolis is unfortunately out of production, which is a shame because it’s really good, so consider the Strix.
The Barracuda is a beast of its own class. In a word, Duncan killed this one and won 3A and 1A with it at Worlds in 2013.

Figure out your preferences. Buy wisely. Go to contests and try things out.

It doesn’t matter what “we” the community think is best. All that matters is what YOU think as best/

I think you’ve got it now.

Well… there is no “best” yoyo since everyone has their own preferences.
for me, i tryed a lot of them at Worlds… in the end i bought the Barracuda and i love it! but it was a hard choice, would rank them (for me) 1. Barracuda 2. Cascade 3. Summit.
but they are really close for me.

Yes, Studio42, I understand what you are saying.

I just want to see the wants of everyone else.

I am definitely getting a Dv888 and a Barracuda. Don’t know when I will get the Barracuda, but the Dv888 I am buying in September.

Again, I just want to see what other people like. This poll will most likely not change the way I look at yo-yoing, choose which yoyos I buy, etc.

It doesn’t change anything for me either. I buy what I want.

Gonna pass along a bit of advice:

If you’re going to Nationals, Duncan didn’t offer any “deals” last time, but they did have good selection and the odds of trying first are extremely high. ALSO, packaging such as the Flipside(the sandwiched plastic things) were pre-sliced open, so you could actually get to the yoyo without having to bust out a box cutter, blade or other sharp object that might not be a good thing to have around. In 2012, I purchased a Flipside for myself, a Flipside for my son and a Raptor. This year, I’m hoping to get a Strix at their booth. They did put a Barracuda in my hands, and I knew I had to have one of those after that. This was a model I wasn’t initially interested in. Plus, the Barracuda is also intended for 1A, 3A and 5A, so you got a multi-style performer.

Moving over to YYF, they MIGHT be selling B-grades. B-grades by YYF can contain some vibe, but they are usually tiny ano flaws. They stamp it B-grade and sell it for “on the cheap”. Got my son a B-grade dv888 on the Kengarden Roots tour stop that was a mile from my house for $25. I got a Mutant DNA at BAC 2012 for $40, B-grade of course. There’s no guarantee they’ll have B-grades though. Despite me being not completely happy with the dv888, I do consider it a “must have” item. If you need a small yoyo, this is a good one to go with.

I will definitely not be going to Nationals this year. I am not that good. I will most likely be buying all my yoyos from either YoTricks.com or YYE. Unless of course, I go to Nationals, Worlds, or other contests. This won’t happen for a long while.

Don’t let your skills(or lack there-of) prevent you from going to Nationals. I don’t compete. I go for the people, the environment, to watch the contest, hang out, meet people, try stuff and buy stuff.

I will never compete. Not on the main stage, not the side stage, not trick ladders. It ain’t about competition for me.

I have no clue how much I am going to spend. I will have my “wants” list on my phone and I will be referring to it constantly. I don’t want to get too distracted, but there may be a few purchases that I do that weren’t on the list, and that’s perfectly acceptable.