what do you think is the BEST yoyo?

I dont mean " I like the severe because it good and cheap" I mean like $100 or over. I want really good yoyos, again, not like $60 like $110.


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When I look for a new yoyo, I just buy the most expensive one I can find.

The best over 100 yoyo? Any Yoyofactory, they make “AMAZING” products from labor in China and sell them at very “REASONABLE” prices.

Here is the list: monster, DNA,avant garde,Champions Collection - Equilateral. So which of these do you think is the best? Im thinking the monster or equilateral, or maybe 1 of the others. Thanks guys. I like very long sleep times, little vibe, stable, 1a obviously, good for learning tricks.

depends on what you
Like but I would have to say

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Erghh…too many in that list are of the same calibre. Nobody would be able to tell you which is the “best”. Also, very few people have tried them all.

I could tell you that I love the Avant Garde (original, not AG 2 which I’ve never played) but that doesnt’ mean much… I haven’t tried a single other of those yoyos.

In short, there’s no good answer to this question. You’re just going to have to pick the one that appeals to you most.

There is no best yoyo. And a higher price doesn’t make it better. A $60 yoyo can be as good as a $100 yoyo. And if you haven’t realized that price doesn’t determine how good a yoyo is, you probably shouldn’t be buying a yoyo that costs more than $60.

Yes, Absolutely.

Exactly, this guy gets it. I think oxy ti 9.06 will be your best bet. Just buy it and see how it turns out.


I’ve looked at your recent post and it seems you are desperate for someone to give you a definite answer on the “best” yoyo, when the truth is it doesn’t exist. Nowadays it’s hard to find a yoyo that’s really terrible.

To be of more help, mind tell us what you’re using now and what your skill level is? If you’re just starting out then you’ll want a different yoyo then you will a few months from now.

Try to get the idea out of your head that there is a best yoyo. It’s not real. People have different styles and like different things. That’s why on your profile there’s a field for your “favorite yoyo”. If there was one above all the rest we wouldn’t need that.

Any of the yoyos you listed will be great. Any of the higher end, more expensive yoyos are seriously amazing, but keep in mind there are people who can do more with a Duncan Butterfly than I can with any yoyo.

Hope I helped.

in my opinion the best yoyo is the yyr sleipnir

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it your preference man, there is no best yoyo. It just like saying a plastic is better than metal and Vice versa.

you have made many many topics about yoyos in the past couple of days.
and honestly, there is no best of the BEST!!!

i love my Supernova and i think this is the best yoyo for me. but i never tried a Chief, Proton, or Code 2, or MvP 2 or whatever to compare.
but all i know is that i have a preference for what i like.

and that is just what you have to do when you buy a yoyo if you cant try it. we cannot keep answering your same question of “this yoyo or that yoyo.” because honestly, we dont know either. and you keep bringing new and different yoyos into each new topic you make.

truth is, we want to help you. but we cannot give you the answer you want.

any yoyo above $100 will be the BEST. so just pick one that fits your preference and hope for its the best for you.

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And remember, to always brush your teeth.

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Are you for real Yoyox132? I can picture you as some dude and his buddy yucking it up with a dubey. You decide to create a profile, and ask a bunch of crazy questions, for which there is no answer. Then you guys sit back and laugh, as a bunch of people try to honestly help you when you’re all-over-the-board. And, laugh some more as you throw even more complexity in to you’re already complex questions. Why not ask why the world is round while you’re at it?

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

no I agree with you

UGH why is this topic still alive?


Asking what the best yoyo is, is just like asking what the best type of food is. IT’S ALL PREFERENCE.

There is no best yoyo. So quit asking if this yoyo is better than this one. It’s stupid.

We’re done. The End.

Wait he could be a troll,he feeds on our frustration