What is the best yoyo?


YoyoRecreation-better than any OD or CLYW.

Bist tondo, look it up its pretty awesome!

It’s round, has an axle and has a string.

That’s the best yoyo.

Sorry, just getting tired of seeing this topic over and over and over again.

There is no “best”. There is only “What’s best for you”. Once you find out what’s best for you, who cares what anyone else thinks.

World Championships have been won on high-priced stuff and low priced stuff. I think ability and skill counts for a lot. I won’t argue the equipment helps. Still, there is no definitive best, only what’s best for you.

Therefore, I think the best yoyo is right here

The tondo isn’t round, its actually a square…

The ones I throw…

The best yoyo…hmm…probably the one that feels ‘right’ in your hands, the one you can make look good.

Protostar is best yoyo. Deal with it.

The free hand zero


Who makes the Facepalm yoyo?

Oh… I get it… sorry. Just woke up…

(slams head into desk…)

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I love my Raptor :wink:


^Its sad that people actually believe that logic.

Yes it is.

I got lots of stuff way more expensive than my DM2, yet, for me, the DM2 has been an ideal fit for me and is still by far my favorite.

I’m not saying I am going to stop buying more expensive stuff or cheaper stuff. I just know that no matter what I buy and use, and how much I may like it, it’s the DM2 I keep coming back to. Although, I’ve had a recent shift that is moving towards stuff around $100, but I think that’s because all of the sudden my throw has really gotten super straight recently and things are starting to come together for me. I feel I’m gaining the skills needed that are pointing me in the direction of yoyos that due to how they are constructed, work a bit better for me, and also as a result, end up costing me more.

Not to give credit where it may or may not be due, but you sold me this metal pre-pro ENEME a little while back. As that yoyo really requires a straight throw to perform its best, throwing that has forced me to improve my throw, which in turn has helped me all around. Each yoyo brings something different to the table to an individual.

Yesterday, I received a Lost In the Actic Canvas. It actually came Monday but it arrived to a friend’s house since he ordered it for me. At $150, I just don’t feel it. It’s not the most I’ve ever spent, as I spend $180 on a Peak, which IS the most expensive. It’s nice, it’s smooth, it’s pretty and it’s lots of great things. But, given a choice… I’m glad I have it, but there’s lots of stuff a lot less expensive I like way better. I like the above mentioned Peak better. Even so, the DM2 is still my go-to.

Go figure. I’m not saying the DM2 is the “best yoyo ever”. For the time being, for me, the DM2 is MY best yoyo.

The best yoyos are the legit ones ya know

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Please stop.


The best yo-yo is what is best for you.

Nough said.


the best yoyo is the one that I happen to enjoy playing at any given time, so it can be anything.

I agree but disagree also … my peak experience was horrible … and i am glad i was able to sell it … but maybe yours just plays better … ehh? I used a Canvas … it was all right … it didn’t have that crazy feeling … i thought it would … but to my surprise … the positron i got … on my first throw … i thought it was ok … nothing extraordinary but the more I used it … the better I got with it … and actually landed some stuff that I had problems with … now its my main throw …

but yeah going back to the original point someone made… its up to you… but yea the more expensive doesn’t mean its better… i wanna try a square yoyo.

The best yoyo = the one you are using right now.