what makes a yoyo great??

i bought a dm2 cuz andre boulay had it so i thought it was the best in the world. but is it? whats the greatest yo yo?

That question is impossible to answer. But not too many people will say that the DM2 is the best in the world. Many of us love this yoyo, but we probably wouldn’t choose it as our Desert Island yoyo. But it is one of the best you can get for the price…

wow thanks!

and how can i make it be the best it can be?

i appreciate your help!

This question is purely opinionated… A lot of people do like the dm though, and some say it plays as great as a $100+ throw. Now, to answer your question… Plenty of people believe the clyw Chief is the best yoyo or at least one of the best. You will hear a lot of people talking about it, lots of positivity. If there were a poll, I believe the Chief would win for best yoyo… But again, it’s strictly up to opinion, so there really isn’t a “best” yoyo.

Whatever you like best is all that matters. The DM2 is an amazing yoyo, great for anyone at any skill level, can take you from zero to hero. But, terms like best and better are all relative and based on personal preferences.

All I will say is once you develop preferences, don’t let anyone tell you what is good or bad UNLESS it’s just a piece of junk yoyo(there’s a few out there).

My favorite is the Anglam. But I can be just as content playing a Classic I set up with a YYJ Speed Bearing and flowable silicone. It’s not about money to me, it’s about preferences and the joy of yoyo. But, I still play my DM2 quite often because there isn’t anything wrong with it and I like it. I don’t care who is critical of my choices. I only care about MY choices and my enjoyment.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll have to learn what the terms floaty, solid, stable, oversized, full-sized, undersized, and fast really mean. And, some of those terms are slightly debatable. Your DM2 is full-sized, and a bit on the solid/stable side IMO. Once you learn what all those terms mean (I mean physically feel the difference for yourself), you can develop your own preferences, and find a few yoyos that are great for your style. Good luck!

Edit: I know vague answers are frustrating, but it’s the truth. You’ll find countless shades of grey here!

There are no “real” best yoyos but here are some that are mentionable:
SkyWalker/Tiwalker even though there ugly past…
Recent General Yo (Majesty and Model 10)
and many many more !
You decide the best yoyo on a individual basis it all depends on preference.
Someone may think a Genesis is the best when another may think a M10 is the best

Duncan butterfly or Bist ice yoyo.

On a serious note, when I was a beginner, I too bought into the DM hype. It’s still good enough for beginners though, so I say its the best yoyo for you as of now and you shouldn’t worry about or even regret buying it.

To me:

54-56mm Diameter
42-43mm Width
65-66g Weight
Low wall
A perfect mixture of organic and angular

There is no perfect yoyo.
you can buy a yoyo thats made of the greatest material and has the greatest weight distribution and style etc.
But by itself itll just sit on your desk and do nothing
You make it great.

lol…sorry to break it, DM2 sucks : it is THE most overpriced and overrated yoyo i know of, seriously XD

Perfect evidence of individual opinions! You’re definitely welcome to yours, Mangakaninja. :wink:

it will say CLYW on the side of the yoyo

But my gnarwhal does not say clyw, it just has picture, I think that most clyw’s don’t have clyw on the yoyo. And there are other great brands like C3, YYF, One Drop, YYJ, REC REV, Something,SPYY,WERRD, crucial,3yo3 and ILYY and many more, fixating one company is never a good thing sample all the companies having a favorite is fine, just keep an open mind about yoyo’s

Hm to each his own but I like rim weighted, bead blasted, low walls and something with side effects. That would make a yoyo great to me. Like others have mention before me no throw going to right for everybody. Don’t worry about that and just enjoy throwing.

Like everyone said, the best yoyo is all preference. But the correct answer is onedrop x clyw summit.
Just kidding of course. The summit is one of my favorite yoyos and gives you a great feel at a pretty good price. The DM2 was my first unresponsive throw, and i (and people who wanted to try/learn) played it so much that it is literally unplayable due to the number of scratches and cracks that it has accumulated, as well as a lost axle. This is not a bash against the yoyo or it’s durability. I am trying to get the cash together for another one. Yeah, i like it that much.
Yoyos that i would consider the best/ some of the best:
Clyw chief
Clyw Avalanche
clyw canvas (for the 49.3 seconds that my friend let me play one before being too worried about me dinging his beautiful yoyo, and for good reason)
Clyw/ onedrop summit
onedrop code 2
onedrop cascade
onedrop burnside
yoyofactory supernova
Vs. Newton septopus (i think it is called that, i played the same one multiple times totaling to about 3 minutes of solid throwing.)
For the price that you payed, however, the dark magic 2 and the Yoyofactory Delrin SEVERE are the two best choices in my opinion.

bro, I was joking!! I personally like some companies more than CLYW.

if its made by skon
the Nostalgia

the greatest yoyo ever that no one can afford