It just occured to me...


So i just found out that yye was owned by Andre Boulay.

Now this makes me wonder, would the dm2 still be the most recommended if Andre didnt own the site?


I think it still would be. Is recommended by a lot of throwers.


It might have to do with business a little but it is good. But if someone from like yyf owned it then it would obviously be a yyf yoyo but oh well.

                                           you found me YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andre owning this site has absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s an awesome yoyo. It deserves the reputation it gets on its own merit.


Agreed (except for the “gas” thing) other than that, the DM2 got me started in this skill. I’ve known from the start about the DM/Andre/YYE/YYJ connection. I for one, welcome our new our new yoyoexpert overlords!


It’s recommended on many other sites, too


It may have something to do with it, but i’m sure that the main reason is that the DMII is a great yoyo.


I am new, and I don’t have the vast amounts of experiences many of the rest here do, but what I can say is based on my experience, the DM2 deserves the recognition it’s getting.

Let’s put it in terms that helped me make my decision:
First, by only seeing it first in the tutorial videos, it looked nice. It was unlike what I was expecting, but my expectations were very low at first and changed dramatically. I liked the contrast of metal to plastic. AND it was available in blue. score!

It was at first glance on the expensive side. But, do more looking and see what you can get, it’s not so bad after all.

Includes a slim bearing and a regular bearing. Works for responsive play AND unresponsive play, effectively making it 2 yoyos in one. Plus, the bearing seat is loose to the bearing so you can swap back and forth.

Smooth. Stable. Will spin as long as you need it IF your throw is good. Works for beginners, works for intermediate, works for advanced, works for expert, works for master level play.


This is ideal as a first, a next, a “I just want it”, a “I just need it”, or whatever. Works for 1A, 3A, 5A and if you’re insane enough, 4A.

The size and weight makes it easy to learn stuff, easy to catch on the string and more. You can always go to something smaller and/or lighter later if you want to.

Besides the obvious connection here, the DM2 is highly recommended on many other sites as well, where there’s no tie or motivation to promote it. It sells. It sells itself practically. Other people will sell you on it(I’m trying here!)

A single yoyo that can take you from zilch to competition. Bargain. Get it!


I think it’s reputation as an awesome yoyo, both for beginners and advanced players, is what makes it the recommended yoyo. If Andre only put it because it’s his sig, then the Legacy 2 and Trinity would also be main recommended yoyos (even though they are awesome as well).


I was about to type out a response and realized that Studio said everything I was going to say. While Yes, it is a no brainer that Andre would recommend it, it certainly deserves it 100%. It is my best by far, non metal yoyo. The protostar was my favorite until I got the DM2 it really does deserve the hype and status.


I can’t speak for Andre. I can only speak for myself. I personally wouldn’t put my name on something I myself wouldn’t use. It would have to be my favorite, go to item in that category. If I have to be associated with it, it better be something I absolutely love to death.

Now, as far as how to other people like it, that I could not control. Good is good. But good is also relative. Good for one isn’t good for the next guy. Keep in mind preferences.


My dm2 just came into the mail and its a pretty awesome throw in a good price range but im thinking that it might not be the best on this site

It does deserve the recognition i guess.


You said most recommended, not best. Those are two different things.


It’s the yo-yo I always recommend in that price range. No matter what site I’m on.


Actually if you ever email him directly … André actually tries to recommend something in your skill level … i remember a while ago when … after i tried the counter attack (for my first throw) i wanted to try the DM… but actually André recommended the new breed instead because i was already doing really well with my counter attack … and i LOVED the new breed…(this was almost 2 years ago)

so … anyways … my point is that … he will recommend what he thinks is best for your skill level… and whatever else you need help with.


That’s what happens when you get to know your customers and listen to them. I have to recommend things all the time based on the client’s needs.


wow. from everything I’ve heard about andre and from what you guys are saying I can deduce that andre’s a pretty swell guy.


oh yeah can’t go wrong with that… :slight_smile: