Legacy 2 vs. Dark Magic 2?


Hello there. I have just got my yoyo about 3 to 4 days ago, and so far have practiced about 6 to 8 hours. Only about 45 minutes of those few hours have I played responsively to understand a few things. I know all of the basic thongs like gravity pull, breakaway etc. All the rest of those hours I have played unresponsively. Not only do I want to learn it more, but I also like it a heck of a lot more. So with that being said, should I get a legacy 2 or a DM2? I am STILL kind of more on the beginner side, just happened to get the barebones of yoyo tricks down quite quickly. I have NOT learned how to bind yet, and the only real trick that I can do is the rock the baby. So to learn, Legacy 2 or DM2? And why? Thanks as always.


Ok, since you seem to have a lot of q’s, I’m gonna post my own beginning experience. hopefully it will help :).

I started off with a brain, a raider, and a dash. My dash actually wasn’t all that great in terms of response, so I had to learn to bind quickly. My next order, I ordered a DMII and a Supernova. Listen to my advice - get more than one yoyo for orders. I suggest you get the DMII because it offers responsive and unresponsive play, and then a cheapish advanced yoyo, like the Supernova.


Well problem is I’m only 14 with no money nor a credit card and my mom won’t have a job for a few months so were broke. I only have 55$ so really I can only choose 1 MAYBE 2, if I am the luckiest person in the world. So yeah…


And also I’m not looking for a top pro major league yoyo like the supernova, I’m still learning. And I don’t have 85$ sadly.


Of the two, DM2 for sure. I have a Legacy 2 that’s decent for the price, but with a DM2 you’ll get a lot more stability and the thumb grind ability (when you learn them). Plus sweet anodized weight rings are available!

Of course, do what’s best for your family. That’s much more important than yo-yos.

Good luck!


Ok, out of the two, DMII for sure!

I realize that the Supernova is a far stretch for you now. Sorry that you’re having financial problems right now. Hopefully in the future you’ll get as many yoyos as you want! DMII should be just as good as the Supernova, though.


Let’s start off that despite the Legacy II being considered an all-plastic Dark Magic II, the DM2 performs a lot better due to how the weight is distributed. Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with the Legacy II in any way. Comparing the 2, I do like the DM2 a lot better.

Both these yoyos will take you from nothing to as far as you want it to or as far as it can take you, which is to the Expert/master tricks in the videos here. Well, not completely, but we can ignore grinds for quite some time.

Considering your budget, there’s so many choices. Honestly, I think that the DM2 would be the best choice, but the Legacy gives you more for your money because you can then get strings and you will wear out strings. But, if you don’t mind some “work”, order a Classic with a YoYoJam Speed bearing and 2 sets of replacement pads and a 100-count of YoYoExpert 100% polyester string. You’re spending around $30 and getting a really amazing budget-friendly yoyo with loads of potential.

If you go DM2, you get the DM2, which includes the pre-installed slim bearing for responsive play and an included Speed bearing for unresponsive play. Ordering 100-count of YYE 100% polyester string and you’ve maxed out your budget and you don’t get shipping for $55. You can drop your string count down a bit, but I don’t recommend less than 50 strings, but even so, you’re gonna hit the wall when it comes to the yoyo, strings and shipping for your $55 budget.

The Legacy II lets you stretch the money a bit, as the yoyo costs nearly half of the DM2. It is also packed the same way as the DM2: slim bearing pre-installed and Speed bearing for unresponsive play in the box. In fact this is so budget friendly, leaving you with perhaps enough left over to get something like a Classic(with upgrades: response pad pair and a YYJ Speed bearing), a Surge, a PSG Gem or an Alpha Crash an still have money for shipping. The Surge, PSG GEm and Alpha Crash do ship as unresponsive only, so you will need to learn to bind to use them.

The difference between the Classic with upgrades and the Legacy II is only going to be like 3 dollars, so there’s no major motivation to change my above recommendation except to free up a few dollars.

Just because a yoyo is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s not good. There’s absolutely nothing bad with such low cost yoyos.

I still play my DM2 a lot regardless of what I have.


i know youre looking at the dm2 and the legacy but if you want full unresponsive, the black clyw yeti drops tonight for around $40. cheaper than the dm2 but still more expensive than the $24 legacy. the yeti is supposed to play like a chief which is a $150 throw and happens to be more durable because its plastic with glass weight rings on the inside. i think its a better deal by far.


Lolol this made me laugh a lot. Its fine, you had no idea. and thanks


Tonight!? Wow, perfect timing. And my mom gave me 14$, putting me at 69$ for max budget.


Keep in mind, the Yeti is an UNRESPONSIVE yoyo and you can’t bind yet. If you buy that, it’s gonna be a LOT of motivation to learn to bind faster. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. You do need to learn to bind eventually, so might as well sooner rather than later.


Or the rally?


Make the most of those $55.

Get the Legacy 2, String, and spare response.


I’m gonna risk it for the biscuit and go with the DM2, evev though it is more expensive than the hairy-leg acy 2 (heh heh). Its not the end of the world if I happen to like a different1 and im too impatient to wait for the yeti to come out. Thanks all, that shouod (hopefully) be the end my questions for quite a while.


Unfortunately, the Yeti release date has been changed to 10 PM EST tomorrow night (I realize you most likely didn’t know this at the time of this posting, just helping the OP). And the Yeti does not have glass weight rings. The whole point of the yoyo was to make a plastic without weight rings. I believe that it uses a special plastic that contains glass fibers (not sure).

I think the DM2 is the best choice. It’s just such a great throw that can take you to the top. I would like to say, I think you should practice some more responsive play. You’ve only had your yoyo for 4 days, and I feel like you would be come a LOT better if you learn some responsive stuff, at the very least learn the basics.


I would say the dm2. Don’t get me wrong, they are both great yoyos but in my opinion, the dm2 is an unbelievable yoyo. Whether you are a beginner or a master you would have a lot of fun with it. Good luck with learning :smile:


Thanks for that. 1 last thing. When I at the dm2 buying page thing, what color is the one that it shows as the “main picture” is it translucent red or clear with red caps?


Translucent red I believe.


No… I think its clear with red caps but you would know better than me in every way… Hmm…


The yoyo on the main page is a translucent red body with red caps. If it were clear, it would be made of clear plastic. Now, I’ve never owned the Clear w/ Red Caps, but I assume it’s a clear body with red caps. The image you refer to is a red body, not clear. You may want to wait for what a few more people say though.