I just ordered a dm2. Anyone have a review or insight to this throw??? Thx

The Dark Magic II is probably the most widely reviewed yoyo there is.  Most new players start with a Dark Magic II when they break into unresponsive play, so there are literally hundreds of reviews out there.

It will take you through all of Andre’s tutorials.

It’s really great! You definitely made a good buy.

It’s recommended by YYE dude. You can’t go wrong with a DM2. I own 2, a black one and a black spade. I love them! Great for the Beginner and the professionals.

I’ll tell you this. If you are new, it is very good. If not, it is okay.

Here’s a couple or three…

Well I am new to throwing…so thanks for all the info

Pretty tough to beat a DM2 at its price point.

A beat metal off the BST would be better.

Sure, if you knew what to look for (newcomers don’t), understood what a good deal was (newcomers don’t), and wanted to go right to bind-required (many newcomers will want the dual role of the DM2). It’s easy to say “Wait for a Capless to come up for $50”, but that’s because we already know the market.

The DM2 is a great yoyo. I own one, and for my own repertoire of tricks, there are no string tricks that I can only land on my metals and not the DM2. Despite owning some great metals, I still like to throw the DM2 from time to time. And it REALLY filled the gap while I was still learning what to look for, which is my main point here… he’s new, doesn’t know from yoyos yet, and the DM2 is a great choice especially in that context.

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MY FIRST UNRESPONSIVE THROW! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! actually, it is amazing, but mine saw so much use that it is falling apart. a new one is on my list lol.

It’s better than any other yoyo I’ve played.

It’s awesome