Is the DM2 still viable?

Just a pretty random question but just wondering since I nobody talks about the DM2 anymore on the forums or anything because of all the new throws. :wink:

I’d say so. It is still selling very well, with new editions released often. I own about 8, at least. It is still my every day carry yo-yo, so on a personal level, that’s a definite yes. It seems talked about plenty in my opinion. But, the way it is talked about may be reflective of how long it has been available. I usually see it mentioned in relation to favorite yo-yos, recommendations for yo-yos to learn on, comparisons (it is popular and many have tried it). So, not mentioned as much in the context of new hype, of course, but generally still discussed plenty. There is that new nickel rimmed ghost edition to talk about now though. :wink: There is always some new version of the DMII that I want, so in my mind, it lives on.

Nobody talks about it on the forums? You must be relatively new. The DM2 is talked about quite frequently on this forum. Heck, a new Ghost Edition just got released. I have 5 DM2’s, still want a white one and I think this new Ghost Edition needs to get sent my way as well. I rarely leave the house without one of mine on a holder. I had one on me the whole time at Nationals, my red one. I also had this one on me at CalStates and BAC. Last year it was my blue one on me at those three contests. Who knows which one it will be next year…

The DM2 is a yoyo many of us started with. It’s a yoyo that will take you from zero to master and beyond. It’s good great stability, good size and perfect weight, which helps beginners get through the starting tricks, but then helps advancing players to progress since it’s a stable platform. The price may not seem affordable, at around $45, but when you consider what you get out of it, you’ll see it’s very reasonably priced. It’s also extremely durable, so it’s going to last a long time unless you’re going to just abuse it. The yoyo will spin for extremely long times on a good throw with a well broken in bearing. They may have a bit of vibe, but in general they are relatively smooth. Whatever vibe there is should not be a distraction or issue.

The yoyo itself allows a bit of experimentation. The response recess can be siliconed, but you’ll want to scratch it up with a wire brush or needle or pin to provide a better surface for the flowable silicone to stick to. You can choose to remove one or both caps to help learn thumb grinds…

Other features include the inner highwall design,whch helps keep loops open when doing things like suicides. Of course, you’re probably aware it can go from responsive to unresponsive just by a bearing swap

The DM2 is pretty much a standard yoyo in the community due to its popularity. It’s probably one of the best selling modern yoyos. It’s still a favorite of mine. As wonderful as it is, it’s not perfect. Then again, what is?

The DM2 is an aging design. If we look at the general concept of metal rims to push the weight out to the edges to help with stability, that’s perfect. Where the yoyo comes up short has nothing to do with the yoyo itself, but rather current play trends. The highwall design is not good for horizontal play since the string will be rubbing on this area. The rims, with or without the caps, are simply not suitable for finger spins. The yoyo itself is not that great for grinds because of the material, but it is great for learning grinds.

Despite the yoyo being older and not capable of some stuff, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this yoyo.

It’ll be a year for me around Christmas and the Dark Magic II was my very first unresponsive yoyo. I bought the black one with gold rims and I love it. I had never seen another modern yoyo at the time either so I had nothing to compare it to, but, it well exceeded my expectations. For the money, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better yoyo.(retail, not b/s/t) I still love the feel of it with the plastic and metal and in my opinion, there’s no doubt that it plays better than a lot of higher end aluminums. It set the stage for most yoyo’s these days and Andre and Yoyojam have everything to do with that and I really think Yoyojam is probably the most underrated yoyo company there is. If you’re on the fence about getting one, don’t be. Just buy the one you think looks the best and you will probably have it forever.

Yes it is, as are most any modern yoyos. It’s just not hyped in the flavor of the week topics. :wink:

Is there any rumors on the DM-III??? ???

I’d say the hex is a dmIII but whatever. I loved my DM2, especially for 5a. I’d say it’s still a great yoyo and fab for polishing them tricks on.

It might just be me then but I don’t really think there’s that many posts on the DM2 on the forum in 2013 because I just searched it and there wasn’t any posts in 2013.

It was my first yoyo that had any part of metal in it (bearing, axle, yoyo body) and also my first kind of ‘proper’ yoyo (well a yoyo that wasn’t a beginner’s one). The only other yoyos I had was a Yomega Fireball and some random Chinese yoyos which I didn’t really know anything about and weren’t very good. In fact, breaking my DM2 was one of the biggest regrets I’ve ever made with yoyos but I guess I wasn’t really experienced enough to not constantly hit it on the floor while I was learning tricks.

:o No, not really. I joined on December 08, 2011 and I was following Yoyoexpert (especially the tutorials) even before that (maybe half a year before or so). I remember you helped me out with tricks and knowledge a lot when I started going on the forums actually. I just haven’t been as active as I used to.