YYJ Dark Magic 2


Seeing what you’re opinions were on this yoyo? Is it good for combos/string tricks. UPS/DOWNS. Thanks!


I really like the dm2, it’s great for string tricks it can grind good too. It’s one of the better yoyos you can get for learning IMO. It comes with 2 bearings which is super good if you are starting out or you still play responsive. I think everybody should have one because it’s a nice well rounded throw.

The one thing I don’t like about it is on mine one of the caps was a bit loose and made a bit of a rattling sound. It got worse and the other cap started to get a bit loose after a bit. The sound got slightly worse. The caps are super easy to remove though so no problem. I’m selling mine to a friend who wants to start yoyoing so I still have the caps in so he can choose weather or not he wants them in. They have no purpose other than being of the coolest designs I’ve ever seen on a yoyo.


Thanks, Im thinking about ordering this baby


I have had one for several years and am very happy with it. My tricks are not complicated but it plays well for my level.
The best I can offer is to just look at what Andre’ does with one in the tutorials.


As a responsive yoyo it’s ok. For it’s current price though I’d get a shutter or Rally though but they’re strictly unresponsive. If I wanted a good responsive yoyo I’d probly get a yoyojam classic instead. The dark magic and all other metal/plastic hybrid designs can crack under changes in temperature. So if you forget it in your car on a particularly cold or hot day you may see cracking near the rims. The DM2 is also somewhat outdate compared to current yoyo designs with it’s high walls. The classic on the otherhand is a simple low wall full size plastic that won’t crack since there’s not 2 materials expanding at different rates. You could even get a classic and speedaholic which would be a good responsive and unresponsive yoyo to start with and I think both play better than the Dm2 in my opinion. Of course the highwalls do add some benefit to beginners since it helps maintain stability so your yoyo will tilt less if you have a bad throw. Add the heavy rims and you get even more added stability.


I recently just purchased the hybrid DM 2 [Special Edition] Black Spade…

I highly doubt that the plastic will break over weather LOL… Only under extreme weather MAYBE if its YEARS old… ::slight_smile: And was kept in a climate where water and mold got all over it…

Anyways long story short this yoyo is VERY good…

I am looking at the 888 that is currently “out of stock” or a [One-Drop] anyone have suggestions I try to get a new yoyo every week (I recently came into large sums of money) and have taken back this collecting and pro playing.



Take a look and you’ll see that most yoyojams have a tendency for cracking. Of course it can take a couple years but it just depends. Would avoid the new 888x since it’s not as good as previous ones. If you want hubstacks a new G5 is on the way. For onedrops I’d get the new valor or one of their benchmark series. Can’t go wrong with the summit either which is amazing.


I have a number of the original Hitman yoyos, 8 or 9 I think, only 2 or 3 have any cracks.