Dark Magic 2

How does the DM2 fare now? Is it still a good throw to get?

Your ask about the DM1, but your subject is the DM2. I’m confused. Perhaps you are too.

The DM2 is a bit better in many respects. The dual response recesses, the adjustments to the rims and weight make the DM2 a better yoyo than the DM2. The DM2 is ideal to start with, practice with, learn and grow with. It’s an affordable yet quality yoyo. Of course not everyone loves it, but I love it enough to have 6 of them. I also have a DM1 as well. The Solid Spin Axle in the DM2 also gives it additional durability over the DM1.

Is the DM2 as relevant as it used to be? To me: yes. Having a good quality yoyo is important, and to get started, the DM2 is fine as long as you like it. Yes, the highwall design makes it not good for horizontal, but great for slacks and suicides as the highwall helps keep the loop open. The plastic body parts and the metal rims are smooth so it’s not a fantastic grinder but you can grind with it, especially arm grinds which it is very good for. Now, I can’t do thumb grinds yet, but it has an IRG that you can get to better by removing one or both caps.

A strength that is not unique to the DM2 is the ability to use a narrow bearing(pre-installed) for responsive play vs. a wider bearing(included) for unresponsive play. This effectively gives you 2 yoyos in one. Many other YYJ’s have this feature, as well as some YYFs and I’m sure some other brands as well. To add to that, it can do good for 3A and 5A, giving you a lot of play options.

I may have some of the “best of the best” stuff out there. I still play my DM2’s quite often.

I also doubt YYJ would keep pounding out DM2’s by the truckload if they weren’t moving, selling and being enjoyed. A lot of us have multiples.

If you’re new, I’d highly recommend this yoyo. If you’re experienced, well, you may have developed preferences so it might be best to try it at this point. Still most people who get this yoyo love it. Of course, not every yoyo can please everyone. The majority still like this yoyo, and only a small minority dislike it. Preferences are what they are.

Sorry about that. Typo. Meant DM2

For that price point there are much better throws. Rally, Shutter, lots of the YYO line, Werrd Minute even the Hitman X plays better IMO.

The DM2 is outdated by todays standards. I’d personally take a Speedaholic over it if offered a choice between the 2 but at a similar price range the Shutter is a far better throw.

If you’re looking for a competition yoyo, yes, it’s outdated. There are now much better yoyos out there for that price and cheaper as well.

However, the reason why dm2s really sell are that they are classic throws, they give you the feel of the yoyos that were used years back. I also believe the dm2 is still the best throw to get if you’re starting out, so when it comes to beginner recommendations, you always hear and will always hear the dm2 being brought up.

What in particular makes the DM II outdated? It’s round, has a bearing, a decent gap and a shape like many current as well as past yoyos.

The number one thing that stands out to me is that it’s got a very high wall unlike the shutter. The lower walls makes horizontal play easier and I believe that’s what makes the DM2 outdated.

So then unless you are into horizontal play, it is as good a yoyo as any current model.
And IMO it is “current” as it has been updated to the new axle system as well as o-rings.
I would be curious as to just how many people play horizontal.

It’s becoming a lot more common in freestyles and you can see that the top 3 1A freestyles all had a portion of horizontal play. Learning horizontal style play just seems like a common progression for 1A so you may as well get something that’s good at it in case you ever want to try it out.

For me, I do see the DM2 being a dated design. It doesn’t distract one bit from my enjoyment of it. The fact that it’s not a great grinder and not well suited for horizontal play didn’t distract me from buying 6 of these, including the new Ghost Edition one, and I will buy another 1 in white for the color, and another one in blue(already have a blue) to pop the caps out for being better able to do thumb grinds.

I also cannot do horizontal. I will some day, I hope. At which point, I have plenty of suitable yoyos.

So, from your perspective, the DM2 is certainly as current and modern as I need. I enjoy playing my DM2’s and I seriously doubt anything will change my position regarding this yoyo. As long as the DM2 is made, it’s a yoyo I feel comfortable recommending.

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Something I experienced that I’m surprised hasn’t been brought up about the yo-yo a lot is: due to the high walls and high friction trait of the plastic it slows a lot when the string hits it. I’m a drummer so I may notice stuff like this more than the average person, but I’m quite certain that every time the string brushed against the edge of mine it lost spin.

Other than that it felt pretty good, and I do see why people like it. Maybe it’s only the ghost edition that does this. (That’s the one I own.)

But yes, the Rally is a far better throw. I originally got it as a yo-yo to spin in the dark, and after experiencing this issue I got a clear Rally to replace it :slight_smile:

Not to be hijacking this post but if you want something awesome for playing in the dark get a glow Crazy D. They’re awesome

Thanks :slight_smile: But I already found the perfect fit with the Rally!

This can happen with ANY yoyo, just particularly high-walled yoyos like the DMII. The spin loss is almost never dramatic.

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I learned on a dm2 and I still love it.It is smooth and has a good spin it is heavy but is long sleeping and a very affordable yoyo.I would like another but am trying to get different yoyos.If you are relitivly new this yoyo is the best but if you are not it still will inpress you

It works best with the speed bearing but people like diffrent things.
It is not the best at horizantals because andre boulay did not do that much horizantals.
it is not extreamly fast but I think it can go prety fast when you put a konkave bearing in it
If you want one yoyoexpert is the cheapest place they also have exelent customer service
the dm2 is a great yoyo and I rate it 9/10

please exuse my spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

no I have one and it became responsive after two days of playing it.

if you want a yoyo around that price though get a yyf shutter

The responsive part wasn’t the yoyos fault! It’s easily fixed and can happen with anything.

On another note I’d like to see someone kick butt with horizontal with a dm2 haha

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