New yoyo's


New yoyo’s
1.Dark Magic 2

Keep it going name new yoyo’s


dm2’s aren’t new…they have been out for a long while. how about chaser or valve?


Are we saying most hype, newest, best that is new, or what?4. Go big swagger.


we’ll im not oppssed with yoyo’s and where talking about new yoyo’s


I think he means yoyos that you just got. Wasn’t there already a thread like this.


no i don’t mean yoyo you just got i mean new yoyo that just came out in past 2 months


Yeah, it’s a bit confusing.

Latest I got is a Phenomizm, so I don’t have to ding up my Phenom. I’m really digging those yoyos. Still, my DM2 is my favorite.

But if we’re talking new models… I don’t tend to pay attention too much to new releases as far as keeping track of what’s newer. The latest batch of One Drops has my interest(Burnside, Dang, Dietz, Cafe Racer). Many of the newer YYJ’s caught my eye, but none of them are all that new at this point, although some are. Right now I’m trying to figure out what to get next. The Di Base looks like something I’d like, but then there’s the Burnside… but I kinda want the XCon Pro…

I focus on what’s “new to me”, as in: just arrived in my hands!

Then why don’t you say so?

The DM2 came out quite some time ago. Not sure when, but I ordered mine in June of 2011, and it’s certainly been around a while before then.


Then what is the point of this thread? Just look here


There is no point of this thread. I am locking it and please don’t make threads for the sake of making one.