favorite new throw

its getting down to the end of the year, so i was thinking about the different yoyos i have bought since the last new year… my question is, which is (in your opinion) the best yoyo you bought (or recieved) this year?

for me, its very close between the severe and the protostar

Gotta be the Super G — not that I’ve gotten a lot of throws this year (total: 3). I think that’ll change when I get my Phenom, though.

Hmm, I like my PGM a lot. The Hub Stacks are nice too

dm2 all the way

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Tough choice between the Spider-man and Hop King.

Right now, I think my favorite is the Bass Line (but I’ve got a couple more coming before the end of the year, so we’ll see!)

That’s a tough one. Coming in as new to this whole thing, everything has been new. I’ve tried a lot of stuff, from cheap stuff to high end stuff and stuff in between. Upgrading from an Imperial and Reflex to a DM2, well, that’s a major step up the quality ladder right there.

Still, my DM2 is my go-to throw. Maybe because it’s my first. I really like it and I won’t apologize for it. Almost similar to it is the Speeder 2 that I have, but the DM2 I still go to.

I’ve got 7 CLYW’s, and while they are all amazing in their own rights, the gnarwal and Avalache stand above them, with the Avalanche taking the lead there.

I have 3 One Drops, the MMN, 54 and Code 1. The Code 1 is my winner in that group.

I won’t talk about my YYF’s. They get tons of play, I like them, but they aren’t in the category of many of the rest I have. Mind you, none of it is really high end YYF stuff, which may play a factor. Even so I can get tons of enjoyment out of a ONE or a Whip.

I wonder how much “latest” plays a factor. My latest acquisition is a Phenom. I have to say I’m really a fan of the Hiroyuki Suzuki models. I like how they look, I like how they play. The way this plays, the stability, the want to spin what appears to be forever, and feels like nothing on the string despite being one of the heavier throws I own.

What do I know. I’m new, I’m lacking in the knowledge and experience department. I am still saying DM2, but the Phenom has the most potential right now to take the #1 spot.

Top 5 is definitely DM2, Phenom, Code 1, Ava and Gnarwal.
Rounding out the top 10 would be a 54, BVM, Speeder2, Northstar, MMN.

I prefer the Northstar over the Protostar. But, I can’t stop throwing this Phenomizm bootleg, which has got to get replaced by a real one ASAP.

Probobly avalanche or protostar but it’s hard choice because I have got like 9 or 10

I bought and receive about 7 yoyos, I think and the one I like is Code 1


Ive gotten 3 so far this year, but i dont know yet cause im likley to get like 5 more before 2012.

Split D.

Hmm, my go to throw will always be my sasquatch. Such an under-rated throw. You never hear about it. But my NEW favorite out of all my new throws is my markmont next. Such a fun Yoyo.

peak :smiley:

I started “seriously” yoyoing this year so it’s a tough choice. My Protostar was my first unresponsive throw so that definitely has a special place but I’ve also gotten a Dietz, FHZ, Northstar and 2.0 from the mystery box. I’d probably have to say the 2.0 because, while it’s not a super high end throw or my best performer, it’s comfortable, looks amazing, and probably the one I always have with me. Although, I am awaiting my first Anti-yo, and from what I’m hearing, it will probably be my favorite. The weight, butterfly shape, and simple colorway are my preferences anyway so it’s definitely my most anticipated throw.

  1. CLYW Canvas
  2. General-Yo Xentheos
  3. CLYW Chief
  4. OD Code 1
  5. YYJ Speeder2

This one…

Too many to count… but if I had to name a couple of note:

  1. Chief
  2. CODE1
  3. Dietz
  4. Cafe Racer
  5. Essence
  6. Entheos
  7. Torrent II
  8. Smooth Move

My ONE lol. its about a bit of an unfair advantage because I just got it yesterday, and i cant remember if I got my DV888 at the start of this year or the end of last. Other then that I dont really have money for new throws.