Favorite Yoyo

We all say what our favorite yoyo is with that little info thingy (lack of a better term) underneath our user name. But, we don’t explain why it’s our favorite. So, the point of this forum is to explain why your favorite yoyo is your favorite.

I’ll start:
My favorite yoyo is the Yoyojam Dark Magic 2. I like it because it is surrprisingly affordable, a great throw, and pretty neat looking. It is a pretty advanced yoyo that you don’t have to spend a fortune on. Plus, the fairly wide gap and speed bearing make it great to pull off some sweet tricks.

Square wheels royale, wonderful yoyo, it is the most comfortable h-shape I have ever thrown. Nice and stable, and i love the way it plays. It can handle super fast or super slow, and everything in between. Plus the spikes on the hub are nice for matador play.

Right now my favorite yoyo is my first blo-bro, since it is the nicest throw I own, it is 1 of 1, and I think it is an overall geat yoyo that everybody should try if they get the chance.

My Master galaxy as of right now. I like it more than my 3 chiefs! It is the smoothest throw i own, full sized, and WIDEEE. Its grinding is nothing to belittle either.

Of all the yoyos I’ve tried (which isnt all that many) has to be my SPYY Addiction 2.

I got lots of stuff, from cheap to way up there in price. Everything is enjoyed.

But, you’re asking me to narrow it down to one. Still sticking with the DM2. I like the size, the shape, the weight, the looks and the price. It can take you from zero to hero. It can do it all. Too heavy? Take out the caps. Want to do IRG? Take out the caps. Not heavy enough? You can use rubber rings to add weight. Want to silicone it? Go right ahead!

I carry mine with me darn near everywhere.

my favorite yoyo right now is my Hope prototype because it’s just really fun also yoyos with absolutely nothing done to them from the lathe look cool

X3 LaGoutte. It does everything right. Not too big or too small, feels right in the hand, it’s really fast, the weight feels perfect giving you just enough feedback on string hits without being clunky, dead smooth, both the shape and the grind finish make it amazing for arm and hand grinds…it’s perfect. The word I’d use to describe it is “surgical”. I never get slippy binds, or any kind of play I don’t expect. It’s just sharp and precise all the time.

I’ve been on a mission to try and/or own all the “hot” throws out there, and not one of them has yet to seriously compete with the LaGoutte in every aspect, and most of them are great. Can’t recommend it enough.

Mine has got to be the skywalker hands down. I have seen a lot of yoyos come and go threw my case but the skywalker is the only ones with a permanent home in there. I love the size that fits right in the middle of the size range and the v shape is IMO iconic with its slight H shape cuts on the rim blending the best of both worlds I just love how it feels and plays. Its the go to throw and I got one for every day of the week so odviously I am crazy about them. Even down to the sound it makes while spinning. Last but definatly not least is the colorways. There freakin sick…period. skywalkin all day every day.

My favorite would have to be the Yuuksta. I got it for pretty cheap on the bst for $35 in great condition. I just like the floaty feel to it and I really enjoy yoyos that are a little undersized because they have a lot of speed. They weight is also not only on the outside rims but also closer to the center which is another thing I like.

Iike my Smoot Move. Ho do you take the caps off one? (I’m such a noob . . )

Well there was my first favorite until I tried my next favorite. Then I was really happy with that favorite until I found the next. Well that has pretty much been my experience and now, at this very moment, my favorite is…Oh my what yo is that? I have to try that! Woot!

I’m with Skitrz, but the one that is currently really tripping my trigger is the SPYY Dynamo.
It’s just a total marriage with my hands & what I want in a shape for a YoYo. Brings out the best in my throwing. Of the 150 + YoYo’s I own, it’s the one I reach for everytime I leave the house.

My General Yo KLR is the one I reach for at home though, where I have a safe & carpeted room in which to throw it in. Ernie completely outdid himself with this design.

The industry has evolved so far in the last ten years that it’s really hard to find an outright crappy YoYo anymore.

My Gnarwhal is just too good. It can handle slow and fast play. Floaty, smooth and it can play heavy or light. I also love my Drop Bear, but there’s not much to say about it except that it is awesome.

My favorite yoyo right now is my Berserker! I absolutely love the throw. Very smooth. I use this yoyo everyday to chill or practice with. It’s just that amazing!! It even topped my Phenom which was my favorite until I bought this yoyo.

Code 2. No hesitation. I’ve had mine since January and alot of great yoyos have been released since then, but none of them top the Code 2.
I’ve TRIED to like another yoyo more but i just can’t. It’s not just because it’s made by One drop either, it’s just a dang good yoyo. It’s comfortable, long spinning, stable, grinds decently, regens like a boss, everything you could ask for. And it falls right into my preferred size and weight range (with ultralights that is). Best yoyo on the market right now if you ask me, better even than the Chief in my opinion. Though the Chief is a very close second, and third the X3 la goulette. That thing is waaay underrated. I just don’t think the Code 2 can be beaten for me.
Code 2 all the way. :slight_smile:


I absolutely love my code 2 too! It is indeed a phenomenal yoyo. ;D

Of my (somewhat limited) collection, only the Catalyst can bring the speed I need to the table, and still be able to handle horizontals and long combos, too.

I would have to save FPYY ThunderWasp light,quick,stable,fun, and wierd/awesome shape and mine has sentimental value 1of1 and came from Alvin Rollins himself. Close seconds would be any other FPYY.

My favorite yoyo is the YYF Northstar, it plays really well, some people prefer the protostar over this, but not me, i love it, the gap is pretty wide so its easy to land tricks, the spin time is really good, i almost won (came in 2nd) the longest sleeper contest at my yoyo classes while everyone else was using their really expensive metals. It just feels right in my hand no vibe, pretty smooth as well. Also Jensen Kimmitt is my favorite yo-yo’er, too bad i got mines without his name on it T_T